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My top recommendations for my followers

These are the top 9 things on getting to where I am today as an artist. Check them out they might be exactly what you have been looking for.

Recommendation #1

My favourite shop for artist supplies in Australia. They ship all over and they customer service is always so lovely.

Recommendation #2

What I studied at Tafe (if you’re looking for further education) Queensland only.

But there is A Diploma of visual arts in all states I just know the link for Qld 💗

Recommendation #3

Watch YouTube tutorials and do what they do and actually learn from some talented creatives instead of going in blind or messaging them. Videos will describe everything better than words 💗

I’ve linked Sheri Vegas’s YouTube account I’ve learned so much from her over the years and she has a new online resin course for beginners I highly recommend. It’s full of amazing information about resin and all her tricks of the trade. It’s cheap as chips for all the time she’s put into it and telling you all her tricks.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5 star review

Recommendation #4

Making an artist portfolio

Making and having an artist portfolio isn’t just for traditional painting artists it’s wildly used in music, fashion, design, tattoo and writers. It’s usually a collection of your best work, things you learned along the way, notes on your experience and showing how far you have come so far. It’s really important to stand out in the creative world so make sure your starting to work on a portfolio now so when you need one it’s not rushed. 🦋

✨Google your heart out and find what style you want to make your portfolio in. There are no limitations to your greatness with this make it stand out. ✨

Recommendation #5

A link to my blog. I don’t just talk about how to make art I talk about how it all came about and a great way for you to learn how long the process is to getting where I am now. A great way to learn from my mistakes.

Recommendation #6

A New Podcast

This is bad boy has only just started but already has such great potential and is going to cover some really good topics. Check it out to see if it’s your thing.

Recommendation #7

Use ETSY before creating your own website. It’s cheap and effect. It will help you learn a few trick and how to create products. It’s a lot less time consuming and is like $40 cheaper a month sometimes.

I continue to use Etsy even with my own website through Shopify. Etsy gets more foot traffic and leads to more of an audience that other platforms you use may not reach. (Side note: Pinterest is also a great additional platform to use to help create some foot traffic to your brand)


I recently started a Patreon account for people to support my art without having to buy paintings and coasters. This is a simple man way to help support me and see behind the scenes of my art and more of me making and how I run the business.

Recommendation #9 ✨

Making reels.

I KNOW you probably hear this all the time and it seems silly. Trust me though it’s worth it. It’s one thing I don’t do enough for myself but I am working on it more. If you have the opportunity to film anything all you need is 15-60 seconds of footage with a really popular song you will get more attention and followers. Totally worth the effort.

My YouTube Channel

My top 4 video on my YouTube channel. There’s more on there I only linked a few so things didn’t get confusing on here.

Watch me paint #1

Fluid Painting

Mini Studio Tour

Low waste tips for artists

What this business means to me

Brooke Goldie Artist

If you have made it this far you probably know I’m an artist (23) and I’ve been running my business for 3 years this October. I get lots people still asking how I knew this job would work or why did I do it now and not when I have money or a huge following.

In short art has saved my life more than and one person in the world. After my dad broke his neck a family friend having an accident that lead to him being quadriplegic and my nan dying of cancer. I had the strongest realisation that even if you do everything “the right way” I will never promise you a happy life at the end. Why way 10 years to do something I’ve wanted my entire life? In year 2 I wanted to be an artist in year 7 I did an assignment on being and artist/photographer in years 8-12 I put all my free time into art. Now 6 years out of school I don’t even slightly question if I want to keep doing this. I never wake up hating my job or wishing I went to uni to be a doctor. There’s a lot of things my business will grow into I don’t plan on just making money from selling my art. I will open a gallery that new artist will be able to use for their first solo show, I will tech art classes for people who like art and for those who need art. My business will make the world a better place in ways so I don’t regret starting in so young I’m exactly where I need to be to achieve my goals.

Art is commonly misunderstood so I plan on bringing a new meaning to it for people of all Generations/Disabilities/Sexuality/Gender etc and showing them how art is something they all can enjoy in a safe space.

Selling my art now helps me get one step closer to this goal so I’m not waiting till in 40 to change the world.

- Brooke Goldie 2020

Online Gallery

Golden.Sharespace Gallery

I made this account to act as a virtual gallery in a way.
As an opportunity to young and new creatives to
promote their craft in a space for free. Sometimes
all you need to get more followers is a simple share
from another account.

This account will be for you to reach out to make
with a few artworks/songs/photos/designs/clothes
etc anything you make that you want to share with
and a little about you and the art to bring in some
attention to your own account/s.

This account isn’t limited to traditional artists.
Think of it as a safe space to promote your art whether It be Painting, drawing, songs, poetry or writing, photography, design, fashion, up cycling clothes or hate I don’t know I won’t limit you’re creativity by saying no to promoting you. if it’s something that brings you joy and you want people to see it I will help you reach a bigger audience with this account. It’s not just painting that are ART everything is.
So if you want to be featured on the page reach out. ✨


Brooke Goldie (me) made this account to create a space she can use to help promote use creatives in a way nobody has helped her. There’s so many things people don’t tell you about being a creative. You always here “your going to die before you make money”, “if you get a real job you will have money for this later”. Etc constant negativity from the start never really having some stand with them and believe they can be anything they want.
So she has chosen to help get your foot in the food of the creative world. While also making a safe space for creatives to find others like then who can help them reach new levels of greatness and to make sure young and new creatives of all feilds aren’t forgotten about and get their change to be appreciated.

The account is basically everything she needed when she was starting out but was never offered. A free space to be appreciated.

Curated by Brooke Goldie

“The dream for this account is to eventually turn it into a real gallery for people to have an in person opportunity to have art in a gallery and safe space no matter their skin colour, gender, religion or sexuality. A space where people feel comfortable to share their story in their chosen media be it a painting, fashion show, music or photography etc. It WILL be more than just an Instagram account one day”