Hello! I'm drista and welcome to my website!!

I have made this website for you to learn more about Me. Enjoy!

Hey! This is my website welcome! Keep watching if you wan't to find my fonts coloring and more!!!

Hi!! Here are some things about Me. I am thirteen years old i love dance and singing. I play voleyball as well. I am in brooke monks fandom and realy happy. My main is filascharl. Hope we can be friends!

Here are my fonts!!

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Fonts: here are my fonts! For the date -lemon milk bold for the stroke -heart worming for the text that's on the stroke -mermaid for the flower thing -walkway for the hearts -refresh for the text lower the flower -kinan for the lines -porkys for the question -corner of the sky for the botle -refresh for the brookegreet loves you text -pumpkin cheesecake

So these are the fonts i use

Here is my coloring it's pretty simple

This is the coloring i use it's aesthetic

Coloring: here is my coloring! App: prequel adjusts -exposure 25 -contrast 5 -sharpen 25 -hihglits 30 -shadows 100. Filters -teal 100 effects -diamond 20. App: PicsArt -gitch both to 2. App: prequel effects -weather 0. App colourtone -cooge

This is my coloring if you do it good luck!!

This is how to download fonts!!!!

Here is how i download fonts you can use diffrent apps.

First of all go to your search and type dafont.com you should find a website search the font in the search bar and press download the it says done open and you click on vont and then you open vont and the fonts should be there and you can type anything you'd like!!

So here is how to download fonts hope it helped ilysm goodbye bebs!