Welcome to my helpsite <33

created by jake aka @brookelings & @80smonk —

(btw some of these are phrased by mal aka chzrstie!)


— Table Of Contents

01: Introduction
02: Aurora Bunnies Coloring Tutorial
03; Summer Rush Coloring Tutorial
04: Font Pack (for current theme)
05: Petitions to sign


— Credits for...

Coloring: please give credits. I work very hard on my colorings!
- put in bio or every video

Theme: i know I have a pretty small theme but still credit me!
- put in bio or every video

Pfp: they are not for you to take!
- please do not use my pfps!!

Caption: nah

Bio: I would like a little credit please
- just once is ok to me


— All of my accounts

i just want to list all my accs i actually do own just incase if anyone is impersonating me !
my only accs :
- my main ( not revealing the username )
- brookelings
- 80smonk (new editing acc)
just so u know, i don’t own any backup accs and never will make any ! so if u see for example, @brookelings2, that is NOT me ! remember that ! <3


— Addressing stuff

- YES. I am a brooke fan page!
I will not switch to char or addi nor become a multi! Brooke is my idol so please respect that

- please do not ask if u can join my account. i do not allow anyone into my account. i’m the only owner and will always be the one and only owner of brookelings.

- i do not allow self-promos. if u cmmt sp on my vids, i will delete ur comment . if u spam sp ( replying to every single cmmt for actives or sps / commenting it on every single of my videos ) i will block. please do not take this as a wrong way. this is my decision to allow sps or not. thank u

Aurora Bunnies Coloring Tutorial

Please do not do a tutorial unless you say it is my coloring <3

Apps: 24fps, prequel, ultralight

24fps: use the filter “Aurora” (qr code on 4th page)

Prequel settings:

exposure: 15
contrast: -10
highlights: -30
shadows: 30
sharpen: 5
dehaze: -15
glow: 20

Filter: teal at 20
Effect: Sparkles at 13, 14, 20, 50

Clarity: -4
Go to the little page with the colors and move the red joystick to -2

Prequel AGAIN:
Filter: Porcelain at 70
Contrast: -20

That’s it <3

Summer Rush Coloring Tutorial

My current coloring!

Apps: 24fps, prequel, colourtone

24fps: Put the filter "Lush" at 80

Exposure: -20
Contrast: -30
Highlights: -20
Shadows: -30
Saturation: 10
Blur: 30

Filter: Stockholm at 28
Effect Sparkles
25, 6, 70, 0

Avalon at 20
Marble at 45

Font Pack for my current theme

Beach Day
Summer Coast
Vividly Regular
Local Brewery Sans
Organic Brand
All Season
Kg Happy (solid)
Austhina Brush Calligraphy

Sea Life
Garlic Salt
Summer Coast Extra
Summer Icons
All Season Ornaments

(All of my color codes on next page!)

Colour Codes

Light Brown - #d7cac3
Light Teal: - #d7ddda
Coral: #e1c5be
Maroon?: #d0b9b9
green-gray: #dad9d5
Pink: #e2c6bf

That’s it I think!