Hi I’m Brooke 💋

your 90’s obsessed, health & beauty fanatic friend

I love making people laugh, helping women feel more confident & the hustle.

I own my own online beauty business that allows me to live the life you see on my gram & I teach others who want the same freedom lifestyle how to easily launch their own beauty businesses from their phone.

Did you know that beauty is a $511 billion dollar industry predicted to surpass 700$B in sales by 2025?!

That’s right. Bitches spend a lot of money on looking good & I’m here for it. As someone who struggled with self image issues most of my life, I was ecstatic to find clean, performance based products that helped boost my confidence.

When I started sharing them on social media, I had no idea that I would build a multi million dollar business & create time + financial freedom. I just wanted my hair to look better.

Follow my stories for the best beauty + healthy aging tips or swipe to take my beauty quiz & learn more about how we can work together. Life can be so much better than M.A.S.H. ever told you it would be! 🌀📝

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Here’s how you can start your online beauty business today & become a part of our community of everyday women who decided they wanted more.

1. Choose Your Biz Starter Pack

The first step to starting your online beauty business is choosing a product pack of premium, non toxic & anti aging hair, skin & wellness products, These products are for personal use.

2. Get Training

Never done social selling?! No big deal. You get plugged into training & have access to my mentorship. I’ve helped more than 15,000 people start online businesses in the last 4 years & im
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Start sharing your favorite products with your audience & start making money right away. Never done sales? We have an easy to use script that makes it so easy, anyone can do it.

4. Get Paid to Build a Team

You can make $$ by just sharing products, but if you want to unlock the compensation plan & start building your own community of beauty bitches you can share the business opportunity with the ambitious.

Earn Free Travel

You can earn free vacations with your biz besties to places like Vegas, the Caribbean and even Tokyo just for working your business.

Receive Recognition

From signing your very first customer to being inducted into MONAT’s coveted Million Dollar Club (MDC), we believe in cheering you on every step of the way.