brooklen hume

Hey! I’m Brooklen Hume. I am a Spiritual Mentor and Healing Practitioner. I help starseeds and light leaders to become their highest potential self. I coach and teach about ascension, psychic abilities, spirit connection, multidimensionality, 5d consciousness, ancestral healing, important events & updates, everything quantum and galactic, plus the tools to navigate the New 5D Earth.
I am a Starseed on a mission to help humanity. The goal is to awaken and expand the consciousness level of the collective. I have the ability to transmit and activate light codes. I am sharing with you higher dimensional healing modalities.
I am a mom of 2 kids and been with my twin flame for 12 years. I love dancing and music. I am expressive and creative and fun. I love adventure, traveling, stargazing, and swimming at the beach, also a Sagittarius.
I love using and learning about integration and plant medicine as well. I learn from the Universe everyday and teach others the wisdom shared with me.
I have studied as certified Spiritual Coach, Healing Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, past life regression, Hypnotherapy, Reiki Level 2, Certified Akashic Records Reader, Holistic & Integrative Medicine, Manifestation, Time Techniques & more.
I started tapping into information and realized I had gifts to share with the world at a young age. I let go of it and had the most intense surrender and reawakening back in 2019. So now I work with Akashic Records and am a Psychic Channeler.
My mission doesn’t end with just being a spiritual mentor or energy healer.
I also am dedicated to finding global solutions to improve and evolve humanity. We are on a mission to help Earth join the Galactic ranks.
I am in process of creating a non-profit organization and other projects to make this dream happen for us all! I’m dedicated to making sure the people have freedom, unity, equality, empathy, and to finally help end suffering all around the planet. I’m expanding pass this and hope I have your support so this journey will be a success!!!

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