Brooklyn Summers

Proud black transgender woman/singer/songwriter determined to beat the odds.

I'm a black transgender woman/singer-songwriter/sexual assault & PTSD survivor, currently homeless and ostracized from my family for being trans. Being black AND a transgender woman, I'm instantly up against so much, just trying to have equality & be included. I've literally lost everything and everyone simply for being me. A proud black transgender woman with tons of love and potential. All I have is my music. I'm now at a homeless shelter here in Los Angeles, attempting to use my music to raise 7k immediately to get out of this shelter, secure safe housing in a little efficiency apartment, and buy a used but reliable car to continue doing deliveries for Door Dash full-time. I'm entirely by myself in this world now and I'm desperately counting on my music to save my life. Literally.
This original song, "Friends Forever," was written & performed by me, Brooklyn Summers.
It's a song about comforting a friend dealing with alot of pain and assuring them that you'll always be right there with them through the storms of life. A true friend forever. I wrote this song on the street, in a gas station bathroom. I was just writing about what I wished someone would tell me at that exact moment. I needed someone, anyone, to tell me "your not alone anymore. Your loved. You matter. It's gonna be alright now."
After I finished writing this song, I realized that God was talking to me through my lyrics, telling me he's my real true "Friend Forever."
I realized that my lyrics, this song, was actually God's love letter to me, through me.

Please support my song today. All proceeds go directly to me, for the urgent need of safe housing and reliable transportation for employment.

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