for Draegan.


A whiff of him

You know you are in love when
Mondays don't seem as bad
and being alone isn't so sad
despite life messing up repeatedly.

A dash of his wonders

You know you are in love when
every love song on the radio
seems to be about them
and render you paralyzed in giddiness.

A drop of his sticky glue

You know you are in love when
the world is falling apart and
so are you, but you're held
by the adhesion of their care.

The light in my darkest nights

You know you are in love when
you accept all of their flaws
along with their past choices
and you love them no less.

The sunshine that brought warmth

You know you are in love when
winter begins to melt away
even in January, because love
is supposed to be the spring

And that spring is you.

The stars may be bright but you shine the brightest

It might be April Fools today but I swear to the Gods and heavenly beings above that all I have done, said and felt for you are genuine. Happy 1st month to you, my love and here's to many more months, years and lives with you. I love you so much that all these words are never enough to convey the extent of my love. The universe blessed me with the most heavenly angel ever — that's the one and only you.