I paint the feeling of home

My work indulges in light and color. In my paintings I aim to capture the ephemeral magic, the nostalgia, and the emotions that inhabit our images of home.

I am trained in fine arts and architecture. I have a PhD in using smartphone data in urban design and in my day job I research human factors in smartcities.


Win a house painting!!

To enter: Send me a photo of a special home and a short write-up via DM on Instagram or email below. I will select one prize winner each week to paint. I will post a photo and video of the painting process.

If you like the painting and would like to keep it for yourself send me $20+shipping and I will pop it in the mail to you!

♥️ Can't wait to paint your home♥️

1) to make a submission, a person has to email or DM me a photo and a personal write up about the home
2) on Fridays I do a random draw from the pool of submissions I have at that time
3) if a name is drawn, I will paint that home and post it on this instagram
4) if the winner likes my painting I will put it in the mail to them for $20+shipping
5) if your name is not drawn I will keep you in the pool for subsequent weeks until your name is drawn
6) This is a short term promotion. $20 fee is to cover supplies.. If you want to commission a painting of a home I would love to hear from you. Please email me or DM for my rates and availability.


Home #1

"My parents immigrated to Canada when I was a baby and I always had a bit of a longing for extended family growing up. I knew I had many cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents back in England but I never really knew any of them. Sadly, I lost both my parents as a teenager and witg them any small connections I had to their families back in England. It wasn’t until Facebook became a thing in 2007 and my cousins started reaching out to me there that I found those connections. Slowly I found more and more of the family I had longed to know and in 2012 I took my daughters on a pilgrimage of sorts. Over 5 weeks we met 68 relatives including my 90 year old grandmother. This is her home. She lives with my Dad’s sister and her husband and children (my cousins). This home was often the family gathering point and I felt instantly welcome and connected when we were finally able to visit."


Home #2

"My parents built this house in 1991. We moved in 1992. When I say my parents built this house, I literally mean they built this house. With the exception of the roof and concrete, my dad did everything.

They purchased a small piece of land in the early 80s that was on the shores of Lake Huron, near Pinery Provincial park in Ontario. This is where they decided to build their dream home."


Home #3

"This home was built by the Cook Family, brewers, who lived in the house from 1899 to 1933. It was abandoned and dilapidated from 1986 until I bought it in 2017."


Home #4

"I never actually lived in this house. It belonged to my friend and neighbour who always made me feel welcome and completely at home every time I entered it. So many meals , songs, and stories happened here. So many tears, so much laughter,  and so much growing and learning took place here,  that looking at this house reminds me of everything good in the world."