About Me ✨

I’m a 27 year old mommy to 4 beautiful children! I started this business while I was SUPER pregnant with my third baby. I was tired of struggling and living paycheck to paycheck.

Sometimes it even felt like paycheck to paycheck wasn’t cutting it. Barely covering bills. I was so behind on bills, rent , could barely afford groceries…. Enough was enough.

I started this business in 2020, May. I took a leap of faith because I literally had NOTHING to lose. I was already struggling. So why not make that change or at least try to make some type of change financially.

Who knew that when I started this business I would actually be gaining so much more than financial freedom? I made best friends, a whole tribe of women who support and motivate me, boosted my confidence & lost weight that I thought was too stubborn to kick.

I have tripled my income. That’s insane to me. And I’m motivated to help others change their outcomes too! You do not have to be “stuck”. I thought that I was, but I was wrong.. And you don’t have to be! I moved my family out of our 700 sq ft apartment into a huge townhome 1000+ miles across country with this business supporting my every move!

I personally lost 50+ lbs so far with our products! Lost over 10 pant sizes ! From a size 22 to a 8! It’s such a healthy alternative versus regular coffee and burns fat! ✨bonus✨

You can be in charge of your life. Just take the leap of faith ✨