Bryce Casselman

Health Isn’t Everything But Without It Everthing Else Is Nothing.

Since January 1, 2020 I’ve released over 25lbs of weight, put on muscle, increased my stamina and cognitive function. At 45 years old I can honestly say I’ve never felt better! I take pride in keeping myself physically fit and mentally sharp. To operate at higher level I know have to get uncomfortable everyday and put in the hard work.

I am inspired to upgrade my personal wellbeing so I can be that best version of myself for my family. I also look to offer value to other Dads/Men about what it takes so they to can become better in their day to day lives.

During this journey I’ve been introduced to a team of health and fitness professional that help guide me through nutrition and challenge my goals. If you’re looking to create a new routine, get fit, operate at a higher level or however wellness looks for you then I’d be happy to share my experiences and resources.

Becoming your best self starts with a conversation. The first question I’ll ask right here... Are you willing to get started on becoming your best self?

If that answer is YES, then reach out!


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Reach out anytime! I’d be excited to chat and hear about you, your journey and any wellness goals you may have. Email me here or hit me up on any of my social channels. Until then, stay healthy!

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Bryce Casselman

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