Bryce Casselman

Work From Home Dad, Marketing Strategist, Health & Fitness Enthusiast

Hello & Welcome!

If we haven’t yet met; my name is Bryce Casselman. I'm a work from home professional in the marketing space and I have passion for keeping healthy & fit. I live on Vancouver Island with my beautiful wife Courtney and we are proud parents of two amazing girls.

We operate a local SaaS marketing business out of Langford, BC where we connect the community to great offers from local businesses. As parents our health is a top priority so we keep both physically and mentally fit to prepare us for any of life’s challenges.

I enjoy connecting with people from all walks of life to learn and share experiences with each other. Here to connect, share and build friendships!

I hope you have a rad day!

Bryce Casselman


Local Owner At GetintheLoop. The franchise that gives businesses a local voice.

Mobile technology has come a long way and continues to progress quickly. As a marketing strategist I’m always keeping my ear to the ground for state of the art solutions.

I am stoked to bring GetintheLoop to local business owners here in the Westshore of South Vancouver Island. This incredible marketing. advertising and communication platform helps free up time, eases financial burden and gives your business an advantage in the marketplace.


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Health isnt everything but without it everthing else is nothing.

I take pride in keeping myself physically fit and mentally sharp!

Since January 1, 2020 I’ve released over 20lbs of extra weight. At 45 years old I can honestly say I’m on my way to feeling the best I’ve ever felt. I am on a mission to take my health and fitness to the next level so I can be the best version of myself for my family...goodbye Dadbod!

If you’re looking to create a new routine, get fit and operate at a higher level here are a few things that are helping me along my personal wellness journey. Always happy to share my experiences so if you have a question, just ask!


“Real Workouts For Real People That Really Work”

ACHV PEAK is focused on providing resistance band and dumbbell workouts that can be performed anytime and anywhere.

When I was forced to continue my personal fitness at home I searched YouTube for workouts I could follow along with. ACHV PEAK had exactly what I was looking for and I continue to use them in my daily routine.

With minimal equipment you can achieve incredible results. Dave and his wife Jen make it very fun and relatable! Be sure to check out their YouTube Channel and eCommerce Store.


“Improving the quality of people’s lives by making fitness more accessible and fun.”

LEBERT FITNESS products are versatile, portable and effective tools that can be used by anyone at any fitness level - from beginner to the elite athlete.

When outfitting our home gym with equipment I wanted something that wouldn’t take up space, was portable and would offer an incredible workout. What I discover was the EQualizer Bars and HIIT System by Lebert Fitness.

Both pieces of equipment have delivered exactly what they were designed to do and make my home workouts super enjoyable!

Lebert Fitness

Tool Box

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.

The sharing economy, side gigs, affiliate programs and eCommerce have all been on the rise over the last few years. As more people look to work from home, revenue models like these are becoming much more popular. All are great ways to generate additional income from your phone/home and give you the freedom to work on your terms.

Here are some fantastic resources and a personal eCommerce project I put together. These are all incredible tools that I use both personally and for business! If you find value, become a customer or heck become an affiliate to earn a few bucks at your convenience. Either way you’ll find these hook ups very useful!


“Easy Online Stores”

We make it simple to build a unique online store, sell your work, and run a creative business.

They have plans for every budget and I highly recommend their Gold package! It’s free, allowing you to get a feel for running an online store.

Big Cartel

“Print On Demand Drop Shipping”

Create and sell custom products online. Easy print-on-demand drop shipping and fulfillment warehouse services.

• Free Signup
• No Order Minimums
• Over 200 Products


“Hey Dad...Dad...Daddy...Dad...Dad”

This is a personal project I put together using the eCommerce platform Big Cartel and print-on-demand drop shipping service Printful. Be sure to share it with your Dad friends.

a Dad that is a positive influence to his family and a roll model for other Dads.

Use code DADDY5 at checkout and receive $5 off your entire order.


“Transform How You Network”

A business card like you've never seen. A relationship management exprience like you've never had.

Set up the free account or go with the full version and use my exclusive discount to pay what I pay!


“Appreciation You Can Touch”

Whether you are thanking someone for their business, telling someone you’re thinking of them, or sending holiday cards, there are endless opportunities to tangibly reach out to others with the SendOutCards system.

Set up a free account or select a monthly subscription that suites your needs and budget. I personally use the unlimited plan so I’m ready for any promptings I may have.