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Nest Egg

Aspen Shortsfest 2019
Palm Springs Shortfest 2019
Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival 2019

“When a young American woman decides to become a gestational surrogate to a couple from China, her insecure husband tries to torpedo the arrangement.”

Written + Directed by
Henry Loevner

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How We Can Help

Here's what we do to ensure surrogates, donors and intended parents a rewarding experience during the process of growing a family.

We're here to support you.🌸

Andrea Bryman, LMFT

Egg Donation Tips

“It is something you can feel good about your entire life”∼Andrea Bryman, LMFT
Thank you to every expert that contributed their insights and tips about the egg donation journey! ♡

My Surrogate Mom Article

Donor Conceived Awareness

We Are Donor Conceived is a platform that launched as a resource center for donor conceived individuals around the globe.
We @brymancounseling would like to recognize the people who have come forward, and have been open and honest about their experiences so we can learn from the unique challenges they've faced.


The Rise of Single Fathers By Choice

A growing number of men are pursuing parenthood through surrogacy, adoption or fostering – without a partner. Here, dads who have gone at it alone share their stories.

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Infertility Awareness

National Rainbow Baby Day is April 22!
To all those strong mothers out there, Be Brave and know that there is a rainbow after every storm.

Rainbow Mamas Video 🌈

Marriage and Parenting Rights

After Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize gay marriage, the question in the air is which country will go next.

Will Japan Follow Taiwan?

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