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Let me share with you a little bit about who I am and how I can help you change your life..

My name is Bryony, I am 28 years old, a dog mum and owner of 2 businesses. I quit the corporate life a couple of years ago to start my first business and never looked back.

I spent years climbing my way up the corporate ladder until one day I woke up and realised that I didn’t want that life anymore. The 9-5 grind (well more like 7:30-6 grind with the rush hour traffic) just wasn’t for me anymore. I was fed up, overworked, tired and had had enough. I craved taking my future into my own hands, becoming my own boss and having my own schedule. I was tired of working so hard to make others rich while I was struggling to make ends meet.

So I decided to start up my own pet care business after seeing a huge demand for it. Long story short it took off pretty quickly, who knew you could make such a good income from hanging out with dogs? Its been challenging at times like every business is but I wouldn’t change a moment of it. I wanted to escape the corporate life and it’s hectic schedule and thats exactly what I did. I feel very grateful to be in the position I am today and to be able to run my own business, work with such incredible clients and wake up truly feeling happy about my job.

However I quickly realised that although I now owed my own business and technically was my own boss there was still a big problem that I couldn’t get out of my head. I realised if I didn’t show up to work I wasn’t going to get paid and this began to worry me, a lot. What about if I got sick? What about when I wanted to take a holiday? What about when I wanted to start a family? Or wanted to move to a different area? It started to dawn on me that my business wasn’t a stable one as it required me to be present 24/7 in the same location in order to get paid.

So I decided to start looking for new opportunities. Something that would allow me to build a business from home, at my own pace, around my current business/commitments and something that would allow me to run it via my phone or laptop which would give me the flexibility and security to work from anywhere that I wanted.

That leads me to my next business venture, the one you see me talking about a lot here on Instagram. My journey actually started only a few months ago and to be honest I was super skeptical about it at first. It took me a while to finally budge and decide “what’s the worst that could happen? Better hair? Better skin? More money?” I was looking for “‘more” — time, money, and freedom and this business ticked all of them boxes and more.

I’m so passionate about what I do now and love to mentor others and help them create their dream life. If earning an extra stream of income from home interests you too then this could be the perfect opportunity for you! It has been an incredible way to make an additional stream of income for myself and the team. If you would like to learn more about what I do please complete the ‘business application form’ on the next page and I will get back to you!

If you are looking for better hair care, skincare or interested in trying our wellness products please complete the quizzes on the next page and I will get back to you!

Bryony x