About Me?

Step into my world, one step at a time..

For anyone who doesn't know me, Brogan is my name and I'm 29 years old. I live in North Carolina, and I'm a Aries.

I'm ambitious, outgoing and I'm extremely creative. I think I'm that one friend everyone has that has to add a little glitter, swag, or sparkle to any and everything. Not literally but I am always making, or fixing something. I have been into writing and music my whole life, so journaling has been a necessity for me. I have always loved taking and being in pictures so I started studying photography in 2010 and started my first business "P YG T Photography". I am in the process, this moment in time, of trying to incorporate my newest business "Fire AF Creations" with my photography business. This should be very fun and here's a few other things that tell you about me. Which means things that interest me or fascinate me.

(Anyone who reads to the end and contacts me on my Instagram or Facebook gets a free session or a mystery bundle from my shop. Seriously! But you have to read til the end and contact me and let me know you have seen my milkshake about me page.)

- scrapbooking
- notebooks
- pens
- markers
- coloring books
- stickers
- post it notes
- everything paper.. lol
- digital planning
- bullet journaling
- drawling
- painting

I'M LITERALLY JUST A ARTIST WHO LOVES ALL ARTS AND CRAFTS. I love having fun and creating positive energy so getting to know me and supporting my businesses will be a great opportunity and experience for you and I.

Love ya ❤💋💯🔥