Everything you may be looking for is on the other side of that comfort zone.

Maria Paula
Plant mom
Crystal lover
Animal friend
Pre-Medical student
Futura Doctora
Ally to all
Exist, Resist & Put up your Fist


Tell the world what you’re made of

I am a Proud Colombiana that has served many public servant roles from Waitressing, Judicial Branch Intern, Administrative Assistant, ER Medical Scribe, Translator in courts and medical settings, Native Language Assistant to now Business Owner. I have been posting on and off in social media trying to inspire, motivate and help anyone I can but never being consistent about it. In 2021, I finally decided to own the role and to be intentional about it and B&T with Paula was founded.

B & T ?

Beauty, Travel & Little Chismesito ☕️

B & T stands for Beauty and Travel with.. well non other than me !
Hi, My name is María Paula
A colombiana, plant mom, business owner and DIY lover.
B&T means so much more than the first simple definitions that you might think of when you hear the words.
B: stands for the beauty in life. The beauty of that self-love, the beauty of that confidence, the beauty of believing in your self and never quitting. I promote luxury, anti-aging skin and hair care products but is so much more than that. It is finding that beautiful spark in each and everyone of us that makes us feel beautiful just the way they we are.
T: stands for travel. I love to travel, but this also means the emotional, spiritual and physical change we find when we are looking for the beauty in ourselves. Traveling does not only expand our thinking but we also travel within ourselves. We going from one place to another better place in our lives. We have to travel out of our comfort zones to arrive into that final destination... the best version of ourselves that we can ever be... for us.

Mission & Purpose

Are you ready for this ride ?

I founded B&T with paula with a mission to cultivate those sparks that are deep with in each and everyone of us. To help others realize how beautiful and healthy our lives can be through natural based products. An amazing business opportunity that challenges your whole mindset to become the best version of yourself.

My purpose is to give others a taste of what goes on in my mind from talking about my truth and exposure to mental illness, to the chisme of my life, my travels, my businesses to hopefully inspire and motivate others. I hope that by sharing my journey it shows that you are not alone, that’s you have an amazing potential inside just waiting to burst out. We are amazing stunning human beings with amazing brains to match.

I know getting out of your comfort zone is hard to do

But..You will never know, until you try ...