My Ride or Die

For my husband whom I adore and appreciate so much

Pt. 1
My love, it's been a tough time for you these past days. A lot of silent battles, a lot of moments of uncertainty; wondering how you will overcome all of this. But as the days and weeks passed by, look at you. You didn't quit. You chose yourself. You picked yourself up again. You did it again. I'm proud of you.

You deserve so much love in this world and I wanna be the person who can give it to you. So, I present to you this "card" to show how proud I am of you because you were able to get through those days again and at the same time you still managed to show me love despite of the several breakdowns you had these past days.

Pt. 2
I can't believe that we started out as strangers and now you're my favorite person that I can't stop thinking about. Ever since I met you, I never looked at anyone else the way I look at you. You just amaze me so much in a lot of ways. You taught me things that no one told me of. Bubbi, as long as I'm here, you'll always have someone who's gonna make you feel special and proud of everything you do or have. At the end of the day, I want it to be you and me. I want you and I to become better as one. Through ups and downs we had and we'll have in the future so, please communicate to me when I've done something that bothers you or you don't understand. Let me apologize and learn. And then lastly....

Pt. 3
Thank you for being so patient and understanding. Thank you for trying your best always and everyday. Thank you also for trying your best for me. Thank you for being my biggest supporter. Thank you for loving me even with my flaws. I appreciate you so much. More than I'll even be able to show. I really hope you know how much you mean to me. You're such a wonderful person with a pure heart. Ilysm.