Being a licensed Esthetician, sometimes I like to enjoy a spa day at home. I have created a line of handmade body treatments that will exfoliate, soften and leave your skin with a glow with scents that you may mistaken as delicious foods to eat.

Bubbly Escape Bath and Bodycare.

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Exfoliating Massage Bar

Massage away your tight muscles while cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing your body.

All soaps are handmade so some bars may vary slightly in color, shape and in weight. Not two soap bars are same.

Request: Female scents or Male scents

$6.50 each

Mini Cinnamon Rolls Soap

Yes it's soap! Shea butter soap base with cinnamon and fragrance.

Use only for hand washing and decorations.

$5.50 each

Popsicle Soap

Green Apple
Strawberry Lemonade
Orange Cream

$6.50 each

Chocolate Chip Cookies Soap and Milk Bath

These delicious cookies smell good enough to eat! They are made with moisturizing ingredients. Each one has a chocolate and cookie scent added that smells just like the real thing! This set would make a great gift or even something special for yourself!

Goat milk soap base, chocolate fragrance, and butter vanilla fragrance, mica and cinnamon
Milk Bath- Powder Milk, Epsom salt with relaxing essential oils

$20.00 for 4 cookies in a package
$5.00 each

$30.00 for cookies package and a bottle of relaxing Milk Bath

Slice of Holiday Pie Soap(Sweet Potato/Pumpkin Pie)

Celebrate the holiday season with a slice of Sweet Potato/Pumpkin Pie Scented Soap! Display it by the sink or in your dining room. Fool your family and friends that gather for the holidays. 

Our soaps are handmade; each batch can look different from each other.

This soap is made with a goat's milk soap base, cornstarch, fragrance and powder cloves.

Mini slice: $2.50 each
Regular slice: $6.50 each

Handmade Ice Cream Soap

These handcrafted Ice Cream soaps would make an adorable addition to your party or shower as guest favors.

Ice cream party favors look just like real ice cream, but don't eat them! Ice cream soap is fully detailed with nooks and crannies just like real ice cream. Scented in your choice of vanilla (white soap), chocolate (brown soap), strawberry (pink soap).

$5.00 each

Sleeping Baby Soaps

Our sleeping baby SOAP bars are perfect for a Baby Shower favors, gender reveal etc. They smell like your choice of baby powder or vanilla scent! We have baby boy or baby girl in light or dark skin tone. 

$3.50 each

Customized Soap Bouquets

Material: Soap flowers, artificial flowers, goat soap base, fragrance and pigment.

Tired of looking for a special gift for your loved ones?
Flowers are not just a gift, they are an expression of the warmest and most sincere feelings. That's why I make unique soap bouquets that delight people.
Flowers are a perfect gift, wedding favours, Christmas stocking filler or just a little treat for yourself.

** Handmade products:. May not be exact colors or shapes at all times.


Donut wax melts

Soy wax, fragrance oil, colorant


These realistic soy donut wax melts will make your home smell amazing. Great housewarming gifts and conversation pieces.
Choose from a single donut or a set of 2.

$5.50 each or 2 for $11.00
Scent: Cherry Vanilla

Chicken and waffles soap

Material: Goat’s milk soap base, fragrance and mica

Handcrafted chicken and waffle soap with butter slice and syrup.

Scent: maple syrup

Price: $5.50 each

More Bath & Bodycare Products COMING SOON!!

Contact: Stacie

Text (513) 546-0111 with your order
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