🌻 Bubu Setara Corner 🌻

Those links are my recommendations or must have list item for you !

Baby Fashion, Woman Stuff, Kitchen Things 🛍

1. Tenun Couple Set

Tenun Couple Set

2. Dress Tile Baby

Dress Tile Baby

3. Softlens Biezna

Softlens Biezna

4. Fast Charger Iphone

Fast Charging for Iphone from ugreen

5. Couple Dress Mom Kids Lilac

Couple Dress Mom & Kids Lilac

6. Overall Tara Kids

Overall Pink Tara Kids

7. Boho Panna

Link Toko Boho Panna

8. Instax Camera

Instax mini 9 Fuji Film

9. Album Instax

Buku Album untuk instax foto

10. Silicon Case Instax

Silicon Case dari Instaxshop

11. Instaxshop Store

Instaxshop Store

12. Turtleneck Baby

Turtleneck Baby by Boho Panna

13. Bolde Wok Set

Set Wajan Bolde

14. Spatula Set

Spatula Set

15. Empeng dr.Brown GITD

Empeng dr. Brown Glow In The Dark

16. Bucket Hat Carrot

Bucket Hat Carrot Yellow

17. Dress Kotak Baby

Dress Kotak-kotak from Nuchitakids

18. Anya Dress Navy

Anya Dress Baby Navy + Headband

19. Valerie Dress Lilac

Valerie Dress Lilac

20. Bodysuit Maroon

Bodysuit Maroon by Boho

21. Chloe Set Teracotta

Chloe Set by Boho

22. Cardigan Peach

Cardigan Baby by Boho

23. Masker Anak

Masker Anak by Sensi

24. Overall Brown Ruffle

Overall Adrena Brown Ruffle

25. Rib Tanktop Kids

Rib Tanktop / turtleneck tanktop kids

26. Cetaphil Cleanser

Cetaphile Cleanser

27. Cetaphil Toner

Cetaphil Toner

28. Cetaphil Day Cream

Cetaphil Day Cream

29. Cetaphil Night Cream

Cetaphil Night Cream

30. Scarlett Whitenning Freshy

SW Lotion Freshy

31. Sarimbit Batik + Rok plisket

Sarimbit Batik + Rok plisket

32. Wardah Sunscreen 30 spf

Wardah Sunscreen 30 spf

33. Wardah Sunscreen 50 spf

Wardah Sunscreen 50 spf

34. Urban n Co Flatshoes Greisy

Urban n Co Flatshoes Greisy