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“Thou shall not build content alone”
-Sista. Adrielle Bee


Kontent Krew \\ $7

Stuck creating content? Need any ideas to keep up with these ever-chasing trends? We take the headache out of video content ideas.

Join the Krew
What's included??
•Daily Reel and TikTok prompts sent directly to your phone.
•Access to private FB community
•Accountability and support



“TikTok is foreign to me, I have no idea how to use it.” 🤷🏽‍♀️

It's a perfect time to learn and we can teach you how!

Get ready to dive into the TikTok world. Our 30-DAY coaching program is ideal for businesses that are new to the platform. You'll learn everything there is to know about TikTok (i.e. trending sounds, keywords, hashtags, analytics, editing).

At the end of our sessions, you will have overcome the fear of video marketing, have a clear knowledge of how to use and create on the platform, and an established brand presence.

***Bonus: 30 video prompts and a TikTok marketing strategy tailored to your brand.


Stage 1
Before our initial call, you will fill out the questionnaire provided. We spend time getting to know you and your brand. The answers provided allow us to receive insight into your brand identity (please answer them as thoroughly as possible). We discuss your target audience and analyze your current TikTok account.

Stage 2
On the call, We spend 45 minutes going in-depth about your vision and branding efforts.

Stage 3
Is the fun part! The remaining time of our call is spent building your TikTok marketing strategy. We take into consideration all sales and marketing funnels that are already set in place.

Stage 4
After our session, You'll receive a copy of everything that was covered during each of our recorded session. Now it's time to execute. Don't worry we'll be with you every step of the way for accountability.



We build a long-lasting network of business sisters we love to serve!


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Hush Clothing Store

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Chelle’s Kitchen

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Be Fancy LLC

Our Story

“Bringing your vision to life through creative content marketing”

Who is BuildN’thaKingdom??

A Content, Branding & Marketing Agency

We serve Christian women in business while intentionally using, creative marketing that connects you to the problem you were destined to solve.

We are a Christ-centered agency that believes we are on kingdom assignment and part of our ministry, is within our business.

We were created on purpose and called to people, which means we are made to be problem solvers.

We help you define what the problem is and build marketing strategies that connect, convert, and effectively communicate your brand message. A.K.A The Solution!

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Meet the owner

BuildN’ the What?

My name is Adrielle Bowman. Oh don’t forget they sista because I consider us to be family.

Jesus is my everything and the reason why I started my business. I am a mom of 3 and love to pour my gift of creativity into other brands to see their vision reach its full potential.

A lot of people ask or stumble over what my business name is and in proper English, you would say “ Building the Kingdom.”

I had no idea what path I wanted to take in life. I've had numerous jobs, probably more than the average person. Each one of them taught me something I needed to endure to establish my entrepreneurial journey.

I had just obtained a job I thought I would remain at for a while. Little did I know, that was not what God had envisioned for my life. He gave me the REAL vision mid-pandemic of starting my own business.

To be honest, I was scared to pursue it. I started and stopped many times but, I knew that there was a purpose for which I was going through the hardship of my circumstances.

After all, He didn't give me the capacity to have so much creativity for no reason.
I decided it was time to go all in and give the world exactly what He placed inside of me. Here we are today.

We all have God-given assignments, and I believe part of that is carried out through our business. We are designed to be problem solvers and I help brands connect to the people they were destined to help.

-Sista Adrielle Bee