All you need to know!

Here we will be talking about bullet journaling, positivity and more!!!

Hello guys my name is Natalie! We are so exited that we are able to make a website and share & more! Here we be sharing our love for bullet journaling, notes, and more! We will also provide a lot of fun stuff! We are again so exited and we hope you guys are too, anyways have fun on this site! ;)

-Natalie :)

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Here is everything we will be doing here!

(More In Depth)

1. Bullet journaling
Here we will be teaching fun ways to bullet journaling and just ✨ spice up your life ✨ (ALL BULLET JOURNALING TUTORIALS WILL BE LINKED ON HERE & WILL THEN TAKE YOU TO TIKTOK)

2. Self Care
Here we spread positivity and EVERYONE is welcomed no matter what :) We will provide fun activities that you will love and we can’t wait!

3. Positivity
Here we spread positivity and we love making others happy and helping each other!

4. Updates
There will be a new activity each week! Depending on the category for example self care it will be on the self care slide!

5. Fun 🥳
Last but not least, FUN!!!! We ofc want you to have fun and just remember this is a fun learning and relaxing experience! Bujobynatalie is so excited to come out with new activities!