Who’s Miguel The Great Philosopher? LOL

Welcome To My Bullshit

Hi bullshitters my Name is Miguel Angel, I’m a broke 25 year old dude trying to live in an easy yet complex world. I’m on my way to becoming a pilot, I’m very active, love anything with the environment and nature. That being said since I was a kid I developed my own ritual and I would go outside somewheres and write about anything poetry, thoughts, dreams etc. This habit usually started because I sucked at English and spoke Spanish at home so it was my way to practice my thoughts into words. Finally I’m making one of my wishes reality and yes I’m timid so it took balls to finally unleash my mind but let me elaborate.

The world is changing every day so fast with new music that I can’t even take my time to learn lyrics to, youtubers boxing pro fighters and so on everyone out here thinking they’re all in-titled to shit. Yet I’ve been seeing the most bullshit in human history, maybe because of the internet. I’ve decided I’m not going to stay quiet I want to speak about my shit to, I’m not hating I just think now things are reachable and you might be thinking, yeah but didn’t you just say you’re broke why is this dude talking about rainbows and unicorns when he hasn’t achieved shit. The point is with so much access to platforms like this it’s overwhelming for us to catch up. I decided to make this because I want more transparency and inter connections and use the internet for what is meant to be. I might get a lot of haters and lovers but that’s ok as long as we all have a place. I’m probably dreaming but hey, I’m just trying to be closer with y’all and y’all to be closer with y’all. It’s important to talk about mental health, environment, equality, world hunger, space, sex, poetry, horse power in space and bullshit, with a free non judgement zone let the mind be free, funny and creative that being said I know some of yous are sensible but please be open to dark humour because at the end of the day nothing on this earth makes sense, my ears stick out I can add jets on to each one and blast of, there now let your imagination run off.

Yes I have a lot of shit to say but for now this ain’t no blog no e-commerce site no nothing, I don’t even know. Don’t expect me to put up weekly master pieces of writing or to write all the time in English. I’m only posting when I feel like I’m whatever language I’m digging that day whether it’s to talk about culture, solve a global or local issue by getting a community together whether it’s donations or random act of kindness and volunteering to something random anything as simply as a poem. Don’t expect anything because that’ll lead to disappointment, however I’ll be here whenever you’d like to participate or just simply talk and if I’m not somebody always will get back to you, I’ll stay in touch, for now welcome to “bullshitalks”.