Burger Hatke

Quality Taste with Decent Price

The stomach is the route of the heart. Food can change your emotions, feelings, and thoughts.
Burger Hatke is not only a food stall it's an Indian brand with new ideas and tastes. We are not only sending food but spreading happiness.

Free Home Delivery up to 2km

IMPORTANT:- (We use separate utensils for vegetarians/vegans)

Precautions:- Cap, Mask, Sanitization, Clean, Maintain hygiene, Gloves, Washed Equipment, and Fresh Oil.

DLF Special (sandwiches)

Juicy-creamy-and-fluffy @ Rs 30 only

Sandwiches with brown or white bread!

Questions:- how do you make a sandwich?

Le hatke team:-
When two lovely slices of bread meet and try to hug each other, then we tide them with a thread of cheese! Tada!!!! this is how we make DLF special 😍

Hatke Fries

@ Rs 25 only!!!

Fried Potato with core Indian masala.
With tomato and white sauces.

Hot, Pure, and tasty

Hatke Rolls

@ Rs 30 💥

It's a roll with cabbage filling and masale!
Fried and crispy
In one single plate, you will get 2 rolls with red spicy sauce

Hatke MoMos (normal) —

Fried, Steam, and Gravy

There are 3 variants of momos:-


Soya Momos (steam) @Rs 40 full
Soya Momos (fried) @Rs 40 full
Soya Momos (Gravy) @Rs 60 full
Sabji Momos (steam) @Rs 40 full
Sabji Momos (fried) @Rs 40 full
Sabji Momos (Gravy) @Rs 60 full
Paneer Momos (steam) @Rs 60 full
Paneer Momos (fried) @Rs 60 full
Paneer Momos (Gravy) @Rs 80 full
Chicken Momos (steam) @Rs 60 full
Chicken Momos (fried) @Rs 60 full
Chicken Momos (Gravy) @Rs 80 full

With red spicy source, butter, white till, and hatke masala


Soya chaap chopsticks

Starting at @Rs 15 only

It's a fried soya chaap with butter and lemon juice

•Small chopstick - 15rs
•Big chopstick - 25rs

Full plate - 59rs
Half plate- 35rs

@ Rs 80 only!

French Garlic Bread

Garlic bread with cheese and different types of sauces...

♪ Full Garlic Bread @ Rs 150

♪ Half Garlic Bread @ Rs 80

French Flavour in Indian style!

Hatke special

@ Rs 99 (Veg)

There are many variations of hatke special.
→@ Rs 99 Hatke discount←

1. One Natkhat burger (40) + small Hatke fries (25) + coke 750ml (40) = **105**

2. Two Kohinoor burgers with additional cream (35×2) + coke 750ml (40) or medium hatke Fries (50) = **120**

3. Three babu bhaiya burgers with additional cream (25×3) + coke 750ml (40) or medium hatke fries (50) = **125**

4. Burger Hatke (50) + Hatke Fries Medium hatke fries (40) + chipku chips (20) = **110**

Sunday Dhamaka Offer💥 —

Sabse Hatke Offer For Our Hatke Customers


Have you tried our DLF Special Sandwich?

Burger Hatke

Stuff Paneer Kulcha  —

@Rs 29 only

It's a kulcha with paneer and mayonnaise stuffing...