Hey! It’s Burgess and I am a sober mom.

I’m spending my 40’s sober because life any other way had become way too hard!

After years spent searching for that one thing that would make me feel better, I finally woke up on 10/24/17 sick and tired of being sick and tired. I decided then that drinking was no longer an option for me. That the Mommy Needs Wine culture was wrecking me and it was about to bury me.

My story isn’t one you’d consider typical. I didn’t end up in a ditch, homeless, or strung out, but I wasn’t interested in seeing my addiction through to that point. And by the Grace of God, I didn’t have to. I thank Him for that every day. Many people aren’t that lucky.

Living a sober life is easy and hard all at the same time. It’s easy because life was so much harder when I drank. It’s hard because well, it’s hard to be sober in a culture where over drinking is accepted and even encouraged. It’s easy because there is an entire community out there for support. And it’s hard because at times I feel alone.

I’m sharing my story because I’m proud of my new life and I want you to know that real moms like me are struggling with addiction and if you are one of those moms, or dads, or anyone else, I want you to know you aren’t alone. Not even close. I’m rooting for you and I promise your life can be different and it can even be great with out alcohol.