Transformation Through Introspection —

Nessa aka The Butterfleye 💫 or The Cosmic Butterfly ॐ

I enjoy exploring myself through multiple mediums, and have found a passion for speaking about my own experiences and sharing my thoughts in a way that I hope people are moved by.

My mission is to simple inspire others to understand what transformation through introspection means, as I follow that same journey myself.

To create changes on any large scale, we must begin with ourselves first. In growing to become a more high vibrational person everyday, we shake and shift the energy of the collective that each and every one of us is a part of.

You are the change! Never forget that the changes you hope to see the world, really do begin with you.

The grass is ALWAYS greener, where you water it.


If you’d like to see some of what I create, whether through modeling, digital art, herbal creations or my heart poured out on YouTube, check out the links below.

I also have a Facebook group, that you might find interesting if you’re looking for a safe and open spiritual space.

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The Cosmic Butterfly ॐ

You Are The Change

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