About Us

Let’s begin your metamorphosis

When I decided to make my killer writing skills an asset to entrepreneurs, independent artists, and small businesses, I knew that this was bigger than me. Butterfly Copy is about change and transformation. It’s about creating content that is fun, bold, daring, adventurous, and informational. I know way too many individuals who have the talents, products, and services that people need that have a hard time translating their ideas into words that connect.

This is where I come in.

In my years of experience writing in various industries such as film, music, interior design, life coaching, self-help, and even plumbing (a short, long story), I’ve come to realize that a lot of written content isn’t being received or even read. I feel this problem has a lot do with this loss of connectivity our society is experiencing along with the lost art of powerful storytelling in the marketing industry. I understand that products & services don’t sell, stories do. We all want to feel connected to something, someone, or some idea. It’s a natural instinct. My natural instinct? To initiate your brand’s metamorphosis. To elevate your values, ideas, services, and products into compelling copy that voices your story and generates sells. Are you ready for your wings?