⁺ 🦇 About me !

‧ ₊ ︶ ୨୧ ︶ ₊ ‧

୨୧ ︶ I’m yume aka nursery but u can also call me “rei” cause its my irl name i just replaced l with r, I go by any pronouns but i usually prefer “she/her” pronouns. I am a self-aware and a non-judgemental person and im also a minor so pls dnt do or say anything weird (. . ‘). I also sometimes baby talk hehe 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。. ︶︶

⁺ 🦴 My Likes and Dislikes !

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୨୧ ︶ Likes:
music, any soft bright colors, dresses, ribbons, buttons, puppets, cute things like plushies figurines (etc), mlp, lucifer (the series), american horror story (AHS), saiki k (the anime series), puella magi madoka magica (the anime series), tomoko kuroki (the anime character), tadano hitohito (the anime character), maria marionette (vtuber), ike eveland (vtuber), enna alouette (vtuber), korone inugami (vtuber), nekomata okayu (vtuber), kukara gomi (lowkey a NSFW vtuber), natori sana (vtuber), gyaru fashion, mori kei fashion, fairy kei fashion, decora kei fashion, jirai kei fashion and lolita fashion :3 ︶ ︶

୨୧ ︶ Dislikes:
creepy old mans, rude people, zoophiles, pedos, racists, homophobics, transphobics, people who sexualize little kids, people who sexualize a fathers relationship with his daugther and everything that is related to these ( ̄  ̄|||) (bleh) ︶ ︶

⁺ 🎀 Facts about me !

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I’ve been a maladaptive daydreamer ever since I was 6
I get stressed easily
I’m an introvert
I’m Filipino
I accidentally break headsets easily
I got diagnosed with anorexia when I was 10
I only got 2 friends my childhood friend and my online friend
Im bad at math and ap
Im very lazy
(thats all (-。-;)