Preserved Flowers + Foliage

ByChauntel is a small floral + foliage preservation studio based just outside of New York City.

We provide post-wedding bouquet preservation services, using sustainable and minimal processing.

Ready to turn your special moment into an everlasting statement piece?

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Turn your bridal bouquet into a piece of art and enjoy it forever. Dried flowers are arranged in a sustainable box tailored to your style.

Forever Florals

FAQs & Pricing

Q - I’m not located in NJ or NYC, can I still send my flower to you for preservation?

Yes! We happy will accept bouquets shipped within the US. Request for non-local services MUST be scheduled in advanced to assure that your bouquet is fit for preservation. We are unable to accept bouquets that have been out of water for an extended period of time prior to shipment/receipt.

Q - What should I do with my flowers before I send them to you for preservation?

For best results, plan to drop your florals off within 2-3 days post event. During this time, keep them in cold water and try to store them in a cool place. We ask that you remind your florist not to use chemical preservatives on the florals.

Q - Are there flowers that you won’t work with?

Glad you asked! I’m happy to work with a wide variety of flowers, blooms and foliage however not all flowers will press well. Please note that we tend to shy away from preserving bouquets that are mostly white flowers, as they have the highest tendency for browning. Happy to work with you and your florist!

Q - How much will it cost me?

As these are custom pieces, prices will vary depending on style and box. Clients typically spend between $350- $475 for floral preservation. To ensure availability, a non-refundable fee is required at time of booking.

Q - How long will it take to get my frame or box?

Preserving flowers is a delicate art which requires time and extra special care. Most orders will be ready for pick up or delivery after three-four weeks.

Q - How long will my preserved flowers last?

Preserved flowers can maintain their natural color for a very long time, although natural fading will happen over time. We do not use chemicals or other preservatives during the process, so try to keep your preserved flowers out of sunlight or away from direct UV light for extra longevity.

Q - Do you offer any other custom services besides bouquet boxes?

Yes. We’ll be offering some really cool options for preserving your bouquets. Stay tuned!