Hey, it's me!

I'm Darien.

Some of you might call me "Dar" for short though. Typically it's a lot easier for clients and friends to call me by my nickname. So now you know my name, exactly WHO am I?

I'm a mid-twenties lady that fell into doing hair in some weird but cool way. Originally going to school for Computer Programming, I worked for hours with my current stylist and grandmother to convince my parents to let me go to hair school for makeup. Little did I know I'd end up falling in love with hair more.

From Boston to Eathampton. I have a little place I call home, at the The Lift, where I'm happy to create with you. Here we create "Sustainable Hair". Sustainable Hair is something that's manageable to you, works with your lifestyle and ultimately, you aren't a slave to it. Gone are the every four week appointments at 5 o'clock.

Within meeting me, rather than a typical "hair appointment", I strive for more with you. I try to make it as educational as possible so once at home, you can still recreate the style we end with. You'll understand your hair. There's no more fighting in front of the mirror. There's no more fabric scissors trimming pieces. Just love.

I look forward to creating with you 💕

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