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This is the rewatch of the STAR WARS THE CLONE WARS TV SHOW CLUB and this is all about the club. This is a Star Wars tv show that is animated and has seven seasons and goes through the entire clone wars and shows the story of the clone wars focusing mostly on Ashoka and Rex and anakin and obi wan but you never know where it will go and we will go through the season with you. We will do either a episode or an arc of episodes so I or a special guest can say there thoughts about the story. And you can find this all on any podcast app by searching up by kids for kids.

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By kids for kids is a great podcast all about tv with tv clubs and video game guides and video game clubs and movie recommendations and discussions and versus which is a fun discussion on who would win. You can find us on all podcast apps as by kids for kids by Henry with Josie and Juliet.

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