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Plants for First Time Plant Moms —

You want to buy a plant, but have no idea where to start, I can help!

Plants have always been so overwhelming to me when I was a little girl. On days my mum would go to work, she would always remind me to water her plants while she was gone. I never did. I was always uninterested because the level maintenance seemed way too high and stressful and I was not going to be labeled a plant killer!

It wasn't until recently I've discovered that certain plants don't need as much work to grow and look beautiful. I now own 3 plants, an aloe, a snake plant and a hosta 'francee'. At first my aloe plant was struggling, but I've found a routine to help me remember when to water and when to maximize sunlight for the best results. It was as simple as reading and understanding more about the plants I have and then giving them exactly what they need, when they need it! Making a list and tracking is the best way to gain control over any task, so start there. Set an alarm and give yourself a list of responsibilities for each plant and carry it out to success.

Here is a list of low maintenance plants and an example of a watering schedule:

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