That’s how we greet one another in Indonesia — where I grew up!

My name is Natalia;
my friends call me “Nat”, my extended family (they all live in Indonesia) call me “Lia”.

Now I live in Melbourne, Australia, with my husband and two cheeky daughters.

I discovered my love for watercolor many years ago, there’s something magical and soothing watching the colours blend and make a beautiful, calming soft gradations.

I also sometimes paint with gouache and acrylic depending on the medium I work on and the mood I’m in.

My art is a mindful theraphy in terms of the process, and for the finished result I really hope it can serve as a beautiful reminder of certain season, occassion, and inspiring message to the audience.

In my free time I love to read, gardening, and collect memories by taking photos and writing on my journal.

Don’t hesitate to send me an email to bynataliaco@gmail.com if you’d like something special to be made.

Thank you for being in this space!

We Are In This Together

Cute stationeries to encourage one another during this pandemic time!

Fun or pretty and elegant or other theme — share with me what you’re fond of and let’s create pretty art together!

Custom Illustration


Loose-Florals Style

Custom Portrait - Illustrative Style


Most of my artworks is nature-inspired. It is not surprising I suppose. With its marvellous beauty and vast variations, endless inspirations just easily flowing in!

Handpainted Logo Design

One-of-a-kind, original handpainted illustration (includes digital/printable file)

Send your enquiry to bynataliaco@gmail.com

For extra large commission piece kindly send your enquiry to bynataliaco@gmail.com

Nature is generous, it brings endless inspirations. It doesn’t judge anyone, it gives and it heals

It gives me great joy to see my creations have traveled near and far to bring happiness wherever they go ~ thank you so much for being in this space!