By Samantha Grace

I help wedding planners and creatives with the small tedious things so they can focus on the big picture

About Me

When was the last time you had genuine time for yourself?

Hello, I’m Samantha Grace (Sam if you’re simple) and I’m here to help you and your business reach new heights.

Growing up, nearly every person in my family owned their own business, including my parents. I watched how easy it was to let paperwork, emails, marketing and other tasks halt the personal lives of those around me. After years of seeing this and gaining my own skills in customer service, I realized it doesn’t have to be this way. Your business can be just as successful without putting your life on hold.

I have a passion for growth, both personal and professional and I believe both are attainable at the same time. I cannot wait to help you and your business thrive.

Services and Packages

Everyone and every business is different, let’s customize the right package for you and your needs. Lets get your schedule free for more self love and growth.

Lilac Package

First time hiring a VA? Not sure of what package to start off with? The Lilac Package is for you! For 5 hours a week you will receive help with tasks that take up a little too much of your time!

Tiger Lily Package

This 10 hr/wk package is for the busy business owners/creatives that just needs steady help on the daily. This package offers you more opportunity to explore more services so we can find what’s best for you, your business and your time!

Champagne Package

Signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours! This package is best suited for those trying to grow their business but are too overwhelmed in too many areas or with too many projects. At 15 hrs/wk, this is perfect for someone wanting a full blown sidekick to tackle big goals!