I was created to love just one. I couldn't love just anyone. —

when we first met, we both were in some
sort of complicated matter with someone else but when we spoke to one another, i don’t think anyone else mattered. wow that was a lot of commas, sorry. BUT. we were just drawn to each other immediately and i think about that ALL the time. i don’t quite remember all the details after i sent you my favorite pic of yourself but i do remember the flirting and us sharing our 🤡 stories and i don’t remember falling in love with you either. it just happened. i just felt it one day. maybe you weren’t around and i longed for you or maybe you were around and i just had this overwhelming surge of emotions that could only be love. i just knew you were the only one i wanted and then you became it.

i think about how drawn i am to you all the time, too. i love to know how you feel about something or your thoughts on a certain subject. when you explain things to me. your opinion means the world to me and perhaps it does influence me a little and i’m okay with that. not because you’re someone i’m biased of or in love with but you’re so full of intellect and sight that i do take every word you say to heart (except your corny jokes ♡). I value your word more than anyone else, please always know that.

When your sky is gray, I will give you blue

you do know that i’d do anything for you right? despite the long hours that go by when we don’t get to talk to each other or when we’re too busy or too tired, i’d still do any and absolutely everything for you. your needs and wants are my priority and i know i’ve been slacking a bit lately but when i’m not around i hope i’ve done enough to where you still feel loved and you just know, you can sense that i’m thinking about you. wondering if you ate, drank enough water, if your day is going well or if it’s not. i want to know all these things. the small details too, did you stub your toe accidentally, did you drop some papers, did you yawn a lot. all these things i do want to know, no matter how minuscule. not to be or sound obsessive either—no matter the kind of day you had (even though i only want you to have good days) i want to know about it so i can try to make it better if it was bad or make it even greater if it was good. i know we’re just scratching the surface and little things come with time but i don’t care how long we’re together, i’ll always want to know everything about you. you’re my world and i want to make sure you’re taken care of, heard and listened to. even though we’re in a relationship, i always like to believe we have a strong friendship underneath and that’ll never go away. i love you to the moon and back a million times, jeong jaehyun and you’ll never be able to get rid of me :)

I've been missin' your strawberry kiss. Nothing as sweet, it drives me crazy.

falando que hoje tu vai me comer

come em todas as posições

de quatro, de lado, de frente e de costas

you do know the affect you have on me right? the way our conversations can change with just the slightest implication, even if we’re just “joking.” i can’t lie, jae. i think about you in every way and when i mean every way, i mean every sinful way i can imagine. i tend to be an all bark no bite guy but i want to change that because you just drive me absolutely insane. from the very first time we kissed, i’ve thought about being under you and over you, riding you, on my knees for you. i just want to make you feel good because the thought of you does just that for me.

to my birthday boy and my forever valentine.

i adore every bit and piece of you and i will forever be grateful that you chose me (you can say we chose each other ig). i’m sure you’ve met and spoken to many people but i’m the one you chose to love and i’m the one you want to have a future with and goddamn i’m so fucking lucky and i wake up knowing that every day. i’m the luckiest man alive because i have you. someone so caring and thoughtful and funny and shit, the handsomest. someone so loving and understanding. i’ve never met anyone like you and i don’t think i ever will because there’s only one of you and you’re fucking mine. and i say that as possessively as i can because i mean it. there’s no one or nothing that can come between us because i believe in us and i have so much faith in our relationship, i know that it can withstand anything. i want you to know that i value and appreciate you so much and that i will always love you. i want to do so many things with you and have all my firsts with you.

so far you’ve been my first kiss…my first boyfriend…my first love. my first person i’m going to move in with. the first and only person i’m going to marry. first person to have a child (honey) with. i know there’s so much more to come and i can’t wait uwu

i love you, jamal. always and forever.

here are so more of my fav pics of you uwu

  1. i will fucking eat you.

    i will fucking eat you.