Brenda Stojkovic

Entrepreneur Affiliate High Ticket Offer

Hi I’m Brenda I’m an Ex gov worker - ovarian cancer survivor cruising 🚢 my way in retirement supporting women to financial independence 💸in the online space 💻as an entrepreneur affiliate with Enagic

My Story 💜
After experiencing ovarian cancer in 2020 I knew something had to change & during my health journey & recovery it lead me to the 💻online space & business opportunity as an affiliate

I saw a post on Facebook with my now mentor Mish the founder of the Wildsol lifestyle collective & the offer was for an amazing health & wellness product & online biz opportunity - it got me thinking I could do this & escape the 9-5 merry go round of a 27yr career working in government as an administrator - decision made & my journey began to learn the skillset to be an affiliate with Enagic with the Wildsol lifestyle collective as my support platform - the whole process has shown me how important it is to have a plan B & have financial independence $ in semi retirement that will give me the choice to live my dream in semi retirement travelling one of my biggest passions 🚢✈️🌎

I was in the corporate world from 1996-2024 & in that time completed 16 different positions in the QLD Government public sector & agencies from support officer to team leader , compliance ETOLL - BPAY -IVRU -disability parking permits processing-child safety- premiers department events & engagement- justice department processing grants for violence against women- flood disaster grants - services Australia- ATO- data integrity & compliance in 2023 I decided to semi retire at 60 & I’m loving the online space 💻 it’s serving clients with a wellness product & a fantastic compensation plan & legacy that is willable even when I’m not here anymore pretty epic !

I have raised 4 now adult kids & have 9 grandkids - in my life’s experiences I found myself dealing with huge amounts of adversity & diversity growing up in PNG with my parents - who managed a large trucking business & also managed the Lae golf club & Lae Waratah rugby 🏉 club - I found I worked amongst very business minded individuals & professionals

My very first job at 17yrs was the manager of a truck stop cafe & coffee picking , process ,packing & production plantation 19km outside of Lae - driving my Ute daily to commute on very slippery dirt roads with my dog 🐕 flare gun & riffle - yes I learnt to shoot at the Lae riffle & pistol 🔫 club at a young age ! & of course only had onboard for safety - on the coffee plantation there was a staff of 20 local Papua New Guineans to manage overall & was absolutely full of amazing lessons & learnings for myself - growing up in PNG I experienced the adventures some could only dream of its such a unique country 🇵🇬

I moved to Brisbane Australia in 1982 for medical issues my 2nd daughter was born with a congenital condition biliary artresia of the liver which required a life saving liver transplant - she is now 42 & received a double liver kidney transplant age 30 - she is living her best life with her family - I also have 3 other adult kids 43,33,25 💜these days we are empty nesters & own a MX-5 convertible 🚗 active club members of the MX-5 QLD car club we have x3 dogs 🐶 🐶🐕a cat🐈 goldfish & love cruising 🚢 camping 🏕️ road trips any travel 🧳 actually ….

With my background in business & life experiences I look forward to serving & supporting your journey in the online space 💻 & your plan B let’s have some fun working towards your dream life 🙌🏻💜