Self care leads to self love!

Tell the world what you’re made of!!

Hello all my name is Christina. Im 33 and I’m a mom to three beautiful kids! Their ages are 18,11 & 3!! Yes I have my hands full (lol).

I’m very to myself and just recently I stepped out of my comfort zone and am trying to set goals for myself! The way I’m doing it is having healthy hair and beautiful skin!

My hair was so damaged because I’m a blonde so constantly bleaching my hair! Never really had skin issues until I was in my 30s.

I came into contact with a beauty company that has amazing hair and skin products. In just as little as a month and a half my hair has transformed and is literally getting healthier! I decided to start my business within this company and let me tell you it has been amazing just inspiring other woman to have hair that they feel great about! I’m so grateful for this opportunity to build my confidence and now to being able to help someone get their hair and skin beautiful to also helping them save for that family vacation, or not have to tell their kid they have to wait til payday to get something!!

I am here to educate, and inspire anyone and everyone! ✨