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5 Things to do on your first Mumbai layover as a Flight Attendant

1. Taste the cuisine

Despite popular opinion, there are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights to be had in India. Different types of spices and sweets are available and used in the dishes they prepare in each area.

2. Visit Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal and other examples of Islamic Architecture are left over from the Mughal Dynasty that ruled between 1526 and 1857. Make sure you have plenty of time when you plan to visit Taj Mahal…depending on where your layover hotel is located of course. I would advice to go there when you have a 24 hours or longer layover.

3. Go shopping

While shopping for antiques, clothing, fabrics, and other items, in alleyways and open markets alike, one piece of advice, try to take a language speaker or guide with you to make sure you are buying authentic pieces. Leather goods can be had in India for a fraction of the cost here, so if you like leather, go shopping!

4. Visit The Rajabai Tower

The Rajabai Tower in Bombay is a clock tower of gothic designs that is 260 feet high. One of the curiosities of this gothic tower is that it is adorned with oriental figures. It chimes on every quarter hour and sounds like Big Ben in London.

5. Attend a live concert or a club and dance the night away

Another large part of Indian culture is their music. There are many types of music to be found during your travels to India. Some of the most interesting music is the folk music you will find as you travel through different parts of India. There are also interpretive dances that are performed by the people there. They tell epic stories based on Indian legends and are very spiritual and devotional. There is a lot of popular music as well, including Filmi Music and two well known forms of classical music you might hear are Hindustani and Carnatic Music.

The Taj Mahal in Agra is of course one of the must-see sights in India. It took 20,000 laborers to build the Taj Mahal in the 1600s and has become a known landmark throughout the world. From the jail to the dome, to the garden, the beauty of this building of both Hindu and Islamic design cannot be justified with words alone.
We hope we have added some useful information and ideas for your layover to Mumbai.

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