Caelum Dustwood

Name: Caelum Dustwood
D.O.B: May 31
Age: 100
Species: Peacock
Height: 1.84m
Sexuality: Bisexual, Sapioromantic
Abilities: Healing
Current location: Strytian Holy State, Zorin
Hometown: Makyade, Zorin
Occupation: Freelance model, Chef @ The Palace
Position: Slave
Master: -

Faceclaim: Actor Lee Soohyuk



Caelum can heal wounds, small fractures and internal organs, and cure diseases/poisoning. However, lost limbs and damaged nerves can't be reattached nor regenerated.

Though he may potentially be able to heal any form of bodily damage, the patient must be alive, even if hanging by a thin thread, in order to be healed.

Mana Healing

The most basic healing ability. The ability to heal himself or others by using mana.

Healing Field Projection

The ability to generate a field that heals anything and everything around him.

This is his strongest healing ability. The heading field last for up to 3 hours. Upon using this ability, he has to rest for a day before being able to use this ability again.

Intimate Healing

The ability to heal or repair any damage done by performing acts of intimacy (hugging, kissing, sexual activity, etc.).

Unknown to people unless he tells you about it or shows it to you. This can be thought of as his secret special ability.



Caelum is a fairly tall man with a lean build and fair complexion. He has cool-toned skin, which means he looks good in silver jewelleries and cool colours such as blue, plum, burgundy etc. He has a head of deep brown hair which is white towards the ends, and a pair of deep blue eyes.

Caelum has several iridescent markings on his body. His most obvious markings are the lilac eyelines around his eyes and an iridescent feather wrapping around his right forearm, kinda like a tattoo. He is able to hide all his feathers, however he keeps several feathers visible on his head around his hairline just for funsies.


In his peacock form, Caelum is a pure white peacock with a slight iridescent tint towards the edge of his feathers. He has a pair of deep brown beady eyes, and pale orange beak and legs. His feathers are very soft to the touch and are always kept clean. He doesn't like people touching his head and will bite any hand that come near his face.


Caelum has a rather mild and easygoing nature. Due to his nature, he is often mistaken as being lazy. He doesn't like being rushed and will do things at his own pace. He is a loyal person to whomever gains his trust, and will form an alliance with them. He prefers observing to mingling with others because you can know how someone is like by observing them. He doesn't often hold grudges unless you intentionally wrong him.

Likes and Dislikes


Dad jokes


Loud noises
People touching his head

A hundred years ago...

His Story

This will just consist of the milestones in his life since there will be too many redundant information if I write down everything from the day he was born to his current life.

The beginning

Wings were cut off, wings re-grew. The once lost pair of wings were forgotten and never found. Little did the faerie know that their wings were the beginning of someone's life.

At the bottom of a tree in the forest of Makyade lies a very damaged pair of white wings. It seemed like it was intentionally placed under the tree. No one knew how it got there, and no one cared... No one but a teal peahen. She quickly picked the wings up before anymore damaged could be done to the already damaged wings. Only peafowls know what would happen when wings were detached from faeries.

A peafowl would be born from the wings when the time was right. Lo and behold, 2 weeks later, Caelum was born. All peafowls were born in their bird form, and they slowly begin to master the skill of switching between their human and bird form as they age. There were two ways peafowls were born - from eggs laid by a peahen, or from the wings of faeries. Caelum was born from the latter. Since the faerie wings were white, Caelum was a white peacock. He had all his feathers and could already stand.

Unlike some peachicks who were timid and shy, Caelum was really loud and outgoing when he was a child. He would often run around and chase butterflies or play with other peachicks in their growing community.

Discovering his healing ability

Like normal kids, Caelum gets scratches, bruises and blisters from playing. It's normal to get injured sometimes. You just stand up, pat the dust and dirt away, then continue playing. The first time he was injured, Caelum noticed that, unlike his friends who would take days or weeks for the wound to fully recover, it only took him a few hours and even the scar would disappear completely. He didn't pay too much attention to it and kept it a secret.

The second time he got injured was when he was helping his foster mom to prepare a meal. While he was chopping some potatoes, he accidentally cut his finger. His foster mom saw the whole ordeal and quickly took the first aid kit. However, when she cleaned his wound, she found out that his skin has already healed itself. "Caelum, you-" she looked at him in surprise. "You're a healer." She told him. "You're blessed with a rare gift." She smiled and continued her sentence. "You have the ability to save people. However, you must be really careful to not be taken advantage of."

The Great War




Plots and Connections

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More to be added when muse develop

Your wings from which I was born from

Taken by: Nabi Park

Your wings were cut off when you were young, but you didn't pay too much attention to it since they will grow back. However, little did you know that a peacock was born from the very pair of wings you lost.
You bumped into Caelum somewhere and felt a familiar aura emitting from him. You then chat and got to know Caelum, and found out he was born from your once lost wings.

Strawberry friend 🍓

Estella shares his love with strawberries and they became besties almost instantly.

From strangers to so much more...

Wynn Vauz, a name Caelum hasn't heard of until the man introduced himself. He claimed that Caelum had healed him during the great war, but Caelum couldn't remember him. The both of them got to know each other, and Caelum found his ways of thought intriguing. The more the both of them interacted, the more attractive the male became. The both of them currently share an intimate relationship with each other.

You are my Master, and I am your Slave

To be added when Caelum has a master



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- kissing
- foreplay
- bondage
- vanilla
- sensory deprivation


- bodily waste
- dd/lb(g)
- blood play
- knife play
- humiliation
- flogging


Name: Kai
Age: 21+
Pronoun: She, her.
Timezone: GMT +8
Writing style: 3rd pov short multi para