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Cafae Essentials ✨

Welcome to my Home CaFae Finds 💕

Yoki Glass Jar

Perfect for your overnight oats! From Casa Ukiyo 💕

Yoki Glass Jar

Kyushu Diatomite Coaster

Another Casa Ukiyo's superb quality coasters!

Diatomite Coaster Link Here

Casa Ukiyo Borosilicate Glass Square Mug

Amazing glasses from Casa Ukiyo! 💕

Square Mug Link Here

Candid Cat Coffee

Let's support local! Look at their cute packaging! Love how smooth their coffee is!

Candid Cat Coffee Link Here

Casa Ukiyo Nomu Glass Straw

let's support our local business owners! Superb quality indeed!

Nomu Glass Straw Link Here

Calle Salamanca (Small)

Best Soy Candles ever!!

Soy Candle Link Here

USB Lighter

No need to refuel! If you're a fan of candles, this is for you 💕

USB Lighter Link Here

Bonsoy Almond Milk

One of the creamiest almond milk I ever tasted!

Almond Milk Link Here

Bagello Glass Straws

Love their customer service! Superb quality straws! 💕

Glass Straws Link Here

Calle Salamanca (Large)

Fave candles ever! Looove the customer service and the SMELL! Super bangooo!

Soy Candle Link Here

Essse Caffe S.12 Machine

Do you have a busy schedule like me? This capsule machine is perfect for you! This machine is made from Italy, the home of Espresso. Expect an authentic Italian coffee without breaking the bank. No wonder their coffee is like no any other🥰

S.12 Capsule Machine Link Here

DaVinci Sauces & Syrups

One of the best flavors you could offer to your coffee! Take it from me, DaVinci will never fail you! Trust me on this! 🥰

DaVinci Sauces & Syrups Link Here

Nutrarich Davao Fine Tablea

These amazing products are locally made! Grab yours at Robinsons Supermarkets Luzon, All Days Supermarkets, Landmark Supermarkets, Metro Gaisano Supermarkets Nationwide, Sm Kultura, and online through our website:

Nutrarich Davao Fine Tablea Link Here

The Casa Brewed

Local coffee mix? No problem! The Casa Brewed offers you a variety whether if it's instant or brewed coffee!

The Casa Brewed Link Here

Inflight Brew Tea

Superb customer service and affordable Tea finds 💕

Inflight Brew Tea Gift Set Link Here

Heat-resistant Beaker

One of my favorites 🙈 the medical technologist inside me favors this item. 💕

Heat-resistant Beaker Link Here

Fuji Glass

Well, almost everyone has this. 😂

Fuji Glass Link Here

Metal Straws with Lip Protection

I loooove this shop! Their metal straws are pretty unique and SUPPOR LOCAL! 💕

Metal Straws Link Here

Wooden Coasters I

I love this wood coasters because it's from a local shop and it's very cheap! SUPPORT LOCAL!

Wooden Coasters I Link Here

TeaJe Matcha

True to their word as to being a mid-range matcha. Despite that you could still taste a zen of umami and how a matcha should taste like.

TeaJe Matcha Link Here

Wood Chop Coasters

Freshly made from Baguio! Love supporting our local merchants! 💕

Wood Chop Coasters Link Here

Hario V60 Decanter

My love for JH made me buy this. This is simply amazing. 🥰

Hario V60 Decanter Link Here

Mason Jar Blender

Aesthetically pretty and does the job!

Oster Personal Blender Link Here

Milk Jug

One of my favorite tools 💕

Milk Jug Link Here

Muddling Spoon

A cocktail spoon or also known as a muddler/muddling spoon. 🙈

Muddling Spoon Link Here

Double-mouthed espresso shot glass

Yes, I love everything with "scale" it makes our lives easier. 🙈

Espresso Shot Glass Link Here

Tin Glass

One o the best unique glasses to keep 💕

Tin Glass Link Here

Stainless Coffee Tamper

A 51mm tamper that will surely awake the barista in you.

Coffee Tamper Link Here

Electric Burr Grinder

Due to my busy sched, i had to be quick on grinding my beans 🙈

Burr Grinder Link Here

Bamboo Airtight Container

Best for our coffee goodies 💕


Nature's Apothecary Bundle

Craving for loose leaf tea? Grab a super sulit one here!

Nature's Apothecary Bundle Link Here

Skull Glass

Quality Skull Glass! It's pretty huge!!

Skull Glass Link Here

Nature's Apothecary Starter Kit

Grab your very own high quality loose leaf starter kit!

Loose Leaf Starter Kit Link Here

High Ball

It's tall, I tell you!

High Ball Link Here

Fish Tail Glass

This is cute!

Fish Tail Glass Link Here

Halal Coffee

Nourish your diet with Halal Coffee 💕

Halal Coffee Link Here

Immuno Bean

Coffee and supplements in one 💕

Immuno Bean Link Here

caFAEnated, M.D.

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Coffee is one of my ways to shower HAPPINESS and LOVE.

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