Caiden Dedrick will be Releasing his new album Named Show And Tell!

I am Known for talking about Caiden Dedrick!

Who Is Caiden Dedrick?

Caiden Dedrick

Caiden Dedrick, is an famous American youtuber, known for creating challenges, or gaming videos with his parents. Most likely 3am challenges to be honest.

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Events Of 2021

Caiden Dedrick Events In 2021

Oct 11, 2021. Caiden Dedrick, The Walking Stick Story Live In California
October 30, 2021. The Spooky Story Live In Atlanta, Georgia
November 15, 2021 The Thanksgiving Party In New York City
November 25, 2021 Miztr County Satellite Album Review Live On YouTube
December 7, 2021 The Christmas Special Out On Youtube 12:00 PM Eastern Time
December 11, 2021. New Geometry Dash Video Out On Youtube
December 24, 2021 Christmas Eve Special, Live in Los Angeles, California.

Caiden Dedrick Accused Of Stealing September 29, 2021 —

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Caiden Dedrick, Did Not Steal. He Was Framed for that, The Police were investigating everywhere, For the person that framed him, And Nothing to be seen, He was put in jail. Not Caiden Dedrick, But the guy that framed him. Good Job!

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Caiden Dedrick Movie 10/8/21

Movie Called "Live When Quarantined" in 2021.

Miztr County or caiden Dedrick released a movie in October of 2021.

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Miztr County

Circles Ft. The Yo Bro Song Coming in 2022

This is one of best miztr county, rap songs. Maybe one of the most popular ones in 2022.

Miztr County —

Summer Hits 2022 Album Coming in March

This is probably one of the most cool albums, I am expecting to listen when it comes out. Yay!

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Miztr County

Featured Album By The Yo Bro

How's it gonna go down, is the yo bro will be making an album in december. Featuring Miztr County, He's going to have exclusive music in it.

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