Hi, I’m Cailin! 27, Wife, PitBull Mama & Future Millionaire

Creating my reality through shifting my thoughts & actions; anything is possible

Hi friends! I’m Cailin, 27 and someone who decided my life was meant for more! But aren’t we all!? I hate to sound like your everyday girl on the internet, because I can assure you my story is far from average.

I was an extremely depressed young kid which resulted in eating disorders, self-harm, me pushing friends away & turning to drugs all at a really young age. This spiral turned me away from my family eventually, too.

At 19 I found myself fresh out of a narcissistic relationship & dancing at the gentleman’s club to afford my rent.. this decision led me straight into heroin abuse for the next 7 years.

Figuring life out by myself since 16, I cannot say I have always made the right or best choices- frankly I was a freakin’ hot mess and I’ll always be the first to admit it. I want my journey to show that WHO CARES where a person comes from as long as they’re trying to turn things around and do what’s best for them.

I found myself on my spiritual path several years into addiction. I felt forces much greater than me at play, and sometimes delusional thought I could even see things. While this started out completely unstable and even quite crazy, the principals I learned about energy, spirit, spiritual warfare even, chakras, manifestation, affirmation so on & so forth, something seriously clicked and I knew this was what I wanted to practice & learn more about.

So fast forward through treatment, recovery, a lot of work on myself, I got sober from the hard stuff & started picking up the pieces.

Like most people, I found myself trapped inside corporate America, underpaid and WAY under appreciated! I was going to school to become a business/ marketing professional, but during my second semester I found an opportunity to work from my phone using social media! Little did I know, that was truly all the schooling I would ever need! I dropped out and took on working from social media full time because I saw this would provide a life I could once not even dream I could have. I work with over 30 different health and wellness products & have used them to help myself drop a combined 32 lbs over the last 2 years. The important part is the quality of these products are amazing & can help people who are serious about prioritizing their health.

To some it may sound unrealistic, but to many it will be a dream come true like it was for me. I didn’t have experience in this industry, I didn’t have a large following or really anything fancy to brag about. But I promised myself from the beginning I would be me, I would be honest, and that I would take this seriously.

Through this journey I have found that my growth financially- anytime I’m about to hit a major bonus/ pay increase- comes in direct connection when I’m growing spiritually. I grow helping others grow and that is one thing about this business that I didn’t expect to be good at, nor did I expect I would love to do.

I know what it feels like to feel like you’re drowning in debt, that you’re out of options, or like you’re just plain stuck. I started to earn extra money to pay off my credit cards faster, to pay more of the student loan quicker, to vacation with my man, to just be able to breathe! Not only have I created an extra income but I’m creating and crossing new things off my dream board almost everyday. It’s not perfect, it’s hard work- but it’s worth it.

To the woman who feels distant from her husband, I was you.

To the woman wanting to spoil herself with something nice, I was you too.

To the woman wanting to start her family, I’m you too.

To the woman scared about how she will financially support herself, let alone a family I was you too.

I am on a mission to show as many people as possible, that your dreams MATTER and that you can truly have it all! I’m working to become a self made millionaire using this business as the vehicle. I truly believe that it’s possible for me, even being who I am and coming from where I came from. This allows me to believe that you can do it too.

So if you’re ready to put the excuses to the side & hustle your heart out without contradicting your morals, then let’s chase this dream together!! I want someone who is also ready to show up authentically & be coachable! The rest can be taught I promise ✨

Use my link to apply!! Can’t wait to chat 😍