Get to Know Me!

A Peek Into My Life 👀

Hey guys, Cailyn here! Just a little about myself, Im 19 years old, and am from Chicago, Illinois. I am currently studying Biology at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and work a part-time job at a Finish Line store.

If you’ve made it this far, I would like to take the time to introduce you to my all-time favorite beauty brand MONAT! All products are 100% vegan, and completely natural! What better way to encourage the growth and radiance of your skin and hair than with all-natural products? MONAT works to rebuild hair and skin from the inside out, leaving you with the most radiant appearance of your life!!

Just recently, I have teamed up with MONAT, as a Market Partner. This brand has not only optimized the appearance and health of my hair and skin, but has also provided me with countless opportunities to make money, travel, and promote a healthy lifestyle to other women. If you are interested in our products, job opportunities, or even have any questions, feel free to DM me!! 💕

My Journey!

Skin Before & Afters:

Here are a few before & after pictures that showcase the progress I’ve made so far. My skin is still imperfect, but major improvements are definitely visible!! Clearer skin has given me the boost of confidence as well as the motivation I need, and it can do the same or you!

Before (November 2019)

I suffered from inflamed acne. I was under the impression that my acne and breaking out was not in my control.

After (February 2020)

Before (December 2019)

I also have many dark spots from previous spots of acne, as well as black & whiteheads.

After (January 2020)

My Hair Journey

These are just a few pictures of my hair journey! My curls have become soooo much more defined, moisturized, and overall easier to manage. And I’ve only been using these products for 2 months so far!! 💕 Enjoy!

April 1, 2020

This is my hair on April 1, the first time I used Monat products. After I washed my hair, my curls were very loose, and some parts of my hair couldn’t even hold a curl. My hair is very dry looking, and it was just not a vibe.

My curl pattern had fallen, and my curls look stringy & GROSS 🤢

May 20, 2020

Here is my hair now! My curls are super defined, bouncy, and moisturized. My hair has absolutely no product in it, and isn’t even completely dry in these pictures.

As you can see, places that didn’t curl up at all before are very bouncy now, and my hair has sooo much more natural volume!

Even on straight hair!

These are a few pictures of how these products have helped my straight hair too! The Rejuvabeads, Champion Dry Shampoo, & Blowout Cream all helped me maintain my straight, shiny hair as long as possible! 🤩