Hey there,

I’m so glad you’re here!

About me

A quick ramble-

I’ve always known I was meant to help people. I tried to go about it in so many ways in the past, but none of them felt as right as this. I’m just here trying to impact the world with hair products. Who would’ve thought, right?

I’m also a Social Media Manager, Real Estate Photographer, & business owner all wrapped into one out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. My family is my world, especially my precious baby sister. My end goal has always been to create an income while doing something good in the world and helping people. I’m so grateful for the opportunity that allows me to do that. I love being able to empower women for a living. Whether it’s by helping them replace their 9-5 or gain confidence in their hair again, my heart overflows every time. 💗

This is so much more than shampoo.

My current faves

Perfect for summatime!

Leave-in conditioner

Use a few pumps in dry hair before heading to the pool or beach to keep your hair from drying out or turning green from chlorine. 🤢

Rejuvenique oil

The peeerfect body oil for laying out! It keeps your skin so moisturizer even in the brutal sun. It makes laying out so much better!

CC cream

My hair gets dried out so easily in the summertime, but not with this cute little thing next to me. Make sure your hair gets the moisture it needs!