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Hey there! My name is Caitlin and I’m a 24 year old new mommy of one beautiful baby boy! The last few years of my life were a struggle. I was so focused on the wrong things and never focused on a forward direction! I wasn’t looking at my life as “What will my future hold? Where will I be in 5 years?” because I was so focused on the now aspect of everything.
Then I found out I was pregnant and suddenly my life turned upside down and it was no longer about me. I stressed to find a decent job and then I couldn’t work at all because my pregnancy was difficult! I never got to see my husband because he was always working so we could live paycheck to paycheck.. I would cry myself to sleep some nights wondering how I was gonna be able to help give my family the life we deserve!
One day I commented on a weightloss post a friend of mine posted and I get this message from a woman who, from the looks of it, had everything together! We started talking about products but I told her I was about to have a baby and couldn’t afford it so she offered me the chance to join her business! I was interested so I asked for more information and after hearing about it I was intrigued but nervous it was a scam... so I went to her page again and looked for anything to tell me not to do it but all I found were the facts of success!
I saved up and signed with her and not only did I find a job I love I signed and found an open path full of possibilities and opportunities! I have such a bright outlook on my families future now because I know my dreams are gonna become my reality all thanks to this company!

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