Get to know me

Hey I’m Cait!
Welcome to my page, let me introduce myself.
I’m a 24 year old Doctor of physical therapy specializing in Pelvic Floor Health, living in a tiny home here in Jersey!

Hollistic wellness has been a passion of mine since I was 10 years old due to the fact that I was in and out of Physical therapy for 4 years. Once I determined that helping others become stronger, happier, and healthier was a passion of mine, my educational path lead me to become a Doctor in Physical Therapy.

College is expensive in the United States, and I had been working in the restaurant industry since I was 13 years old... but my bank account had nothing to show for it! So, I started an online business sharing vegan, leaping bunny certified, anti-aging, hair and skin care products. I chose my company Modern Nature above all because let’s be honest, if I’m promoting something on social media it MUST be something I love and can morally support! Plus, if I was going to dedicate any time from my already packed schedule, I needed an efficient compensation plan!

Speaking of my beliefs, yes, I do live in a tiny home! I’m a person who doesn’t need much and honestly, I prefer to stay cozy! Living in a tiny home has enabled me to further spread my mission to bring awareness to a more sustainable, healthy, & eco-friendly lifestyle!

Now, I have been a business owner with Modern Nature for about 2 years. Simply by partnering with a company who holds the same beliefs and values as me, this opportunity has provided an abundance of time freedom, lifelong friends, opportunities to travel the world for free, personal growth, financial success and more.

If I can take this opportunity and run with it, you can too!