Hey there!

Let me introduce myself!

I’m a powerful women who
✨ loves: life, Jesus, going on nature walks in new places, and jamming to summer hits of the 2000s ⁣
✨ has a habit of: talking too much, or not talking enough. I’m extremely introverted but once ya get me going, it doesn’t stop. LOL
✨ wants to: surround myself with positive, like minded people who help me become a better me, as I help them be better too⁣
✨ is happiest when: studying the Bible, by the lake or ocean, drinking a caramel macchiato
✨ has the goal of: 1. visiting all 30 mlb baseball stadiums, 2. traveling the world with the people I love, 3. NSD NSD NSD⁣
✨ gets disappointed by: people not using their ability to dream BIG, settling, and closed mindedness ⁣
✨ used to be afraid of: failure. what will people think? what will I lose? truth is, I don’t care what people think as long as I myself am happy, and 2, I will lose nothing. absolutely nothing. there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. ⁣
✨ is driven by: freedom - my own freedom through Christ, and helping other women find financial, spiritual, relational freedom. ⁣
✨ believes: YOU. ARE. ENOUGH. and you SHOULD dream BIGGGGG.

thank you SO MUCH for supporting me! 🥰