My MONAT journey

How I turned my dreams into a reality

I recently moved back from Naples after living there for 5 years so that I could be closer to family and help out the ones who aren’t doing so well.

Prior to the corona I was working 5 days a week as a waitress, always working holidays, almost always closing not getting off until 1-2 in the morning and helping my grandparents with my little time off. Literally running around like a chicken with their head cut off at all times, always so stressed. Never feeling like I’m getting anything done or accomplishing anything.

I was on this continuous hamster wheel of “clock in, work, sleep, repeat” until i watched one of my co workers quit that same serving job and take off running with this business. I sat on the sidelines for a while because I just didn’t see the vision. I kept thinking, “well i don’t have what it takes.” & “I don’t have anyone new to sell it to that they don’t already know.”
My only regret was not pushing those thoughts to the side because all of that is not true at all, even the most popular girl you know is not going to know every single person that you do. You don’t need 1,000+ followers to kill it in this business, you just need a go getter attitude. You can be as successful as you want to be.

During the quarantine l felt like I was wasting time, I wasn’t making as much as I was before even though I had unemployment. Unemployment wasn’t enough to even pay my bills or give me a sense of security and after months of feeling this way I vowed to make a change.

I continued to watch a few girls have major success and finally thought to myself... “the only difference between me and them is that they said yes.”
Then it clicked.

I dove right into my business because I had already been dying to try the products for about 2 year years and what did I have to lose? Even if selling isn’t for me, I get amazing products discounted, countless FREE hours of social marketing training, and a community of people that became like family.

These products have changed my life and my confidence, Literally the only thing I regret is not starting sooner.