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“Don’t stop until you’re proud of yourself”

Hello!! I am so excited to virtually meet you. Thank you for tapping in on my page!

To introduce myself super quick...
I’m a 18 year old college student, working two jobs at the moment, coaching the sport I love, and figuring out who I am as an individual. I will be attending the University of New Mexico and can’t wait to start!

Outside of my, soon to be, college life I also mentor dozens of women who want to take charge of their lives, fund their dreams, and focus on a positive mindset. I am here to mentor, inspire, and walk with you through your journey. My side gig- I’m a shampoo and skin care dealer. But it’s blossomed into more than I could’ve imagined- friends, community, and financial freedom. (Plus AMAZING hair!) I love what I do, and although it’s my job, being alongside close friends and having those who want more brings such joy. I guess that really is the goal, right ?!

Whether you’re a mom, college student, 9-5 worker, anyone is capable of learning. If you’re looking for an extra income, needing that community, or just looking for more to fill your jar, I would love to chat!!

If you’re struggling with your hair or finding the perfect skin care products and or just looking for clean products, I’m your girl.

Let’s talk soon!