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link slides ::
1 : welcoming
2 : social media links
3 : positivity
4 : fonts
5 : coloring
6 : make ur milkshake website

thats it ! :)

* positivity *

* spread positivity *

Black Lives Matter, Muslim Lives Matter, Asian Lives Matter, Hispanic Lives Matter, LGBTQIAP+ Lives Matter. WOMAN LIVES MATTER. Beauty Santards , stop animal testing, stop transphobia. stop r@ping innocent woman. ):

And Many More. You have a platform for a reason now spread positivity.

(sorry for making this aesthetic it will get attention)

* fonts!! *

* the fonts have came! *

fonts for my theme are on the way !!

alone on earth, amalfi coast, aracne, avocado creamy, babydoll, bakso sapi, bebas neue, bell bottom laser, bimbo, birawa, bodoni, breathing, bright orchid, bunny funny, butterfly, byom icons, candy cake, candy icons, cheri, cheria, chicken pie, chocolate drink, christmas gift, christmas go, christmas wish, cocogoose, code 3x r, colorado, coolvetica, cream, cute icons, cute notes, dashing unicorn, dear sunshine, futurist, ganula, garlic salt, good mood, grinched, grobold, grunge strokes, happy milk, heart warming, heart warming (extras), hello crafter, holly jolly christmas, homework, honey and raspberries, hug me tight, i love glitter, internet friends, janda manatee, kb bubblegum, keep on truckin, arrows, chasing cars, corner of the sky, red hands, kinan, kind heart, lemon milk, little fish, louis george cafe, love, magic dreams, mermaid, merry christmas star, milk, milk nice clean, dear santa, nexa bold (download differently than dafont), orange juice, paris, peachy day, photoshoot, pineapple party, pink chicken, plants, porkys, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin soup, rainyhearts, red velvet, refresh, rollergirls, shorelines, sky blue, snowbreak, snowinter free, snowy christmas, social shapes, sound bubble, stanberry, strawberry muffins, super mario 256, sweet creamy, sweet mango, the perfect christmas, visual hollow script, walkway bonus, waltograph, wicked mouse, wildy sans, winterfun, wmchristmas1, wmchristmas2, wmchristmas3, xmas lchristmas, yellow rabbit, alot 😀

* dafont *

* coloring tut *

* my coloring *

24fps: Red Flavor
Exposure: 30
Contrast: -40
Grain: 5
Glow: 25
Blur: 25-50
Prequel Effect: Plam (Settings: 10%,
Prequel Filter: Oakland 2 (Settings 70%)

After text :
Colourtone: Marble 50%