About Me

And why I’d love to get to know you

Hi! I’m Calli 👋! I’m a writer and content creator who loves all things beauty, wellness, travel, and business.

Before graduating college, I knew the 9-5 life wasn’t for me. I didn’t want to live a life where it was hard to have access to good sleep, strong relationships, sunshine, and movement, so I looked for one that did.

The search brought me to a French town nestled between Paris and the Norman coast where I taught English for two years. Looking to document my discoveries along the way, I started a blog. Before long I was writing for Rosetta Stone about my life in France. As an English major and French minor, it was the perfect gig except for one thing.

I had to do everything on my own!! I didn’t have coworkers to ask about the going rates for freelance writers. I didn’t have an HR department helping me take better care of myself when I worked myself to burnout. I wanted the freedom to work for myself without missing out on the benefits of working for someone else. And I wanted to help less priveledged populations have access to top-tier wellness and business resources.

That’s when I started Do Well Department, a holistic business community + work perk program that helps business owners take care of themselves and their business in tandem. We offer weekly business events to help foster success in a world where 1 in 5 businesses fail in their first year.

But we also offer weekly mediations, workouts, and yoga classes so that you can meet other entrepreneurs and freelancers organically and take care of yourself as you do it! The best part? All of our events are virtual so you can attend them from wherever you are in the world.

Since then I have gone on to write for other publications about my experience and share my passions on social media. I’m so happy to have you along for the ride! Swipe left to check out some of my favorite resources + read some of my favorite stories.