Cashea Ashley


To GROW you must CHANGE, to change you must LEARN✨

Hi my name is Cashea Ashley!
Over the past years, I have witnessed the rise of personal and financial growth of social media in the world we live in today. I’m sure if your reading this you have witnessed it too! Social media brings an exciting and fun aura that’s continuously growing by the minute. With that, I have decided to partake in the adventure. I have finally found the strength to step out of my comfort zone, expand my mind, test my strengths, and utilize social media as a source of secondary income. I have taken the opportunity to work alongside like-minded, driven individuals who have the same vision. As you take those steps out of your comfort zone, you must have FAITH before fear. You must also know that investing in YOU can never be taken away, and this can only happen if you quit.

F•W•D gives women the knowledge, confidence, and skills to create freedom through entrepreneurship by utilizing the power of social media. F•W•D means Females with Dreams: Our team will move FORWARD; nothing will stop our dreams. We want self-motivated individuals if you are willing to grow, and if your willing to aim higher than your current situation right now, you have stumbled across this for a reason!

If your ready to start a income online by utilizing all social media platforms- we have your back. You will gain personal development; you will learn how to become a social media influencer, grow your social media following, which in turn will increase your influence. We offer our F.W.D program with a business opportunity- our goal is to create an empire that teaches, motivates, and encourages you to learn everything there’s is to start making another source of income. We offer live events once a month, as well as weekly events, to give you the support you need to increase your revenue online. The goal is to work anywhere! Work from home, at the beach, you name it? We got you covered!

I’m always looking for like-minded individuals who are driven, coachable & are willing to be leaders!

“Swipe right to collab.”