Hey, call me Hydi!

Let’s explore!

Together we start an adventure to discover the leader in you! Trust me, it’s a lot of fun!

Why NOW?

Let’s face it, we all love freedom!

With the adoption of digital tools and social media platform like no other age before, we believe in the gig economy, leveraging telecommuting technologies, we generate new opportunities.

Flexible income plan, work anywhere we want, anytime we want! Basically giving the chance to experience life, to the fullest without 9-5 job! 90% of the companies revenue completed via digital transaction, yes, including those time we are sitting on the beach or on the toilet!

Why Nu Skin?

Today’s world is amazing!

Where we no longer have to be chosen, we can choose them. It’s free to join, work from home, free support, earn income with a company that celebrates our success, Nu Skin operates in 50+ countries, a partner we can trust with over 30 years of success with amazing products! Join me!


How To Start + What We Do

What you need to know

With our team, we aim to provide opportunity to ALL self-motivated entrepreneurs across the globe 🌍!
-Non gender specific
-No qualification necessary

To help everyone earn a income that’s completely flexible around their current commitment OR to help unleash their full potential & grow this opportunity into a business.

To share with the world that there is a way to create success beyond the norm of 9-5 career and WITH a lot more choices in life!

It is a FREE opportunity with guidance, support and mentoring.

You must be over 18+ to get set up and have a kind heart, courage to become successful!


01. Get started without any prior knowledge on the industry or products. Everyone is welcome!

02. Step-by-Step guide and dedicated coaching frien experienced Business Partners and leaders.

03. You can work this opportunity both online and offline.

04. Start working towards your personal goals.

What’s more!!

📝 The purchase of any Nu Skin/ Pharmanex products including Business Support Materials is entirely optional and is not required to become part of the team.

Nu Skin provide us resources such as these videos!

Take a look, we can be creative, or we can leverage company’s resources to build our own network!

Are you a millennial?

We provide opportunity for all!

Why Nu Skin? I have never heard of it!

Why LumiSpa?

I have sensitive skin! Help me!

Meet This Gang (North+Latin America)

How far can we go?

Our team expanded from Asia to the rest of the globe! Anyone from anywhere is always welcome to join us on broad, we are so excited to welcome you, diversity is most wanted!

KY Chow

Age: 35+
Location: Toronto, Canada
Previous F&B manager in hotel
Currently full time construction student

Bernard T.

Age: 40+
Toronto, Canada
Origin: Hong Kong
IT Corporate Training Director

Lily N.

Age: 35+
Location: Toronto, Canada
Origin: Hong Kong

“I used to work a very busy corporate job which which left me me feeling unmotivated and unsustainable. Until I met this team and discovered a new world of opportunity! I crave freedom and a meaningful life. Chow and I recently relocated across continents from HKG to 🇨🇦 Canada as a big step forward in our life. Why live in a box when I can productively explore the world in a tiny house on wheels?”

🔑 Success factor?

Teamwork makes dream works. Not anyone of us could do it all, let’s pull our strengths and let it become a global super power 🤩✨

Irene W.

Age: 45+
Location: Connecticut, USA
Origin: China
IT Channel Sales

Imelda T.

Age: 45+
Location: Toronto, Canada
Origin: Bontoc, Mountain Province, Philippines

Jessica B.

Age: 45
Location: Texas, USA
Origin: Lima, Peru
Full Time Nu Skin
Previous Logistic Manager

Aline C.

Age: 35
Location: Lima, Peru
Origin: São Paulo, Brazil
Logistic Coordinator

“I chose Nuskin because it gives me the flexibility to work from anywhere such as Florianolpolis in Brazil where I can spend time with my family (my mom in particular!) and build my business with people with big heart always supporting me.

Work that can allow me to manage my own time and also travel with my team for vacation is like a dream, but it is not. It is really possible with this business and makes me so excited to keep growing.”

Maryann T.

Age: 55+
Location: Toronto, Canada
Origin: Talubin, Mountain, Philippines
Personal Support Worker

Grace N

Age: 40+
Location: Toronto, Canada
Origin: Bontoc, Mountain Province Philippines
Personal Support Worker

Frank M.

Age: 30+
Location: New York, USA
Origin: Michigan, USA

Christy W.

Age: 40+
Location: Edmonton, Canada
Origin: Hong Kong
Retired, Previously Office Manager in Interior Design Firm

Meet My Tribe (HongKong/ SouthEastAsia)

Meet them, greet them, you will love them!

I walk fast alone but I prefer to travel my journey with my gang, it takes me further.

I love my leaders, because of who they are yet we are all together to discover our better future us. We might come from different background with different dream or even in different location. But we are in this journey together to create bigger dreams and brighter future!

Meet them, let’s be inspired! Maybe they have your dreams, maybe your brothers, your BFF or even mother’s dream?

Everyone is welcome!

Tom W.

Age: 35+
Location: China
Origin: Hong Kong
Fashion Designer

Ceci W.

Age: 35+
Location: Chiangmai, Thailand
Origin: Hong Kong
Retail Business Owner

“I chose Nuskin because it gives me & family the flexibility to travel and to still be able to build my business no matter where I am. One of my biggest goals since joining was to travel and live different part of the world , enjoy the different culture, experience different things in life .Thankfully 2019 ,We made a move and our first stop : Thailand !
Another thing is Nuskin can potential change not only my life but others as well, I love we build and grow our dream bigger together with our mind and soul’’

Kumiko L.

Age: 30+
Location/ Origin: Hong Kong
Korean hair salon owner

Vivian T.

Age: 50+
Location: Hong Kong
Origin: China
Dancing Dress Business Trade

Jenny W.

Age: 35+
Location/Origin: Hong Kong
Property Rental Business Owner

Alan L.

Age: 20+
Origin/ Location: Hong Kong

Mary C.

Age: 40+
Location/ Origin: Hong Kong
Hotel Sales Executive & Makeup Artist

My dream:
To be able to travel around the globe without having any travel plan. Also, to help low income families and single elderly living

Key to success:
Be humble be kind , be hungry

Fanny N.

Age: 60+
Location/ Origin: Hong Kong
Full-time Nu Skin Entrepreneur
Retired Nurse

Violy C.

Age: 35+
Location: Hong Kong
Origin: Philippines

Mariyah R.

Age: 35+
Location: Hong Kong
Origin: Tarlac, Philippines
Child Caregiver

Peggy Y.

Age: 40+
Location/ Origin: Hong Kong
Fashion Account Service

❤️My dream is to do all the skydiving around the world since the most beautiful way to look at each country is from a very high point. Also, to have the time and location freedom that I can travel with my parents in any way I like in few years.

Why nu skin? Because I met a team who has a method that every one can ride on and become successful. I only need to use my spare times to build my own network business and to have recurring income - a long term result .

My key success factors:

1)Action every day , keep 😁happily sharing nu skin , LoC stories with friends every day
2)Focus , nu skin be the 1st priority
3)Remember my dream all the time
4 Love friends and family
5)Need to set target for myself (short term & long term), also need to meet these targets

Navaporn T

Age: 40+
Location/Origin: Bangkok, Thailand
Property Consultant

Ruby A.

Age: 35+
Location: Hong Kong
Origin: Philippines

Time for Europe!

S.T.R.O.N.G. And Growing

If you love travelling to Europe as much as I do, congratulations, you will love this! Nu Skin operates in more than 25 counties in Europe!

Our team covers 6 languages, we would love to have you help us expand our language coverage!

Jan L.

Age: 35+
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Origin; Hong Kong

Elaine M.

Age: 40+
Location: Etten-Leur, The Netherlands
Origin: Hong Kong
Buyer for Candy Company